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  1. 481B & 386A: The Missing Blood Vials from MotD

    How exactly do you explain the presence of 115 on Alcatraz Island? Something that comes from meteorites, of which there are none on the Island. Mob has everything different. This is shown by the different box, the different announcer, etc etc. We've no idea if it's the same mechanics, or if it is even properly related beyond Treyarch trolling us. That's the thing, you can theorize all you want, doesn't make it the ultimate truth. Only Treyarch know that.
  2. 481B & 386A: The Missing Blood Vials from MotD

    An interesting theory but I don't think it adds up. The zombie blood power up is just an evolution of the Vulture Aid effect with the green mist, and as for the mobsters we don't know for sure that 115 was even involved in Mob of the Dead, plus it was clearly cut off from the rest of the world. I don't buy this "they appeared magically because 115" thing. The box has the power to bring weapons yeah, but the odds of some vials of blood just turning up are silly. Who collected the blood? The whole 935 "Not this time!" thing makes me think 115 isn't involved at all in MOTD.
  3. 481B & 386A: The Missing Blood Vials from MotD

    They must be important if he's carrying them around with him like that. Dammit it Trollarch, why you make this so mysterious.