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  1. One week later with Shadows of Evil

    I posted a comment earlier today, and it was quoted by somebody else. Did my comment get deleted?
  2. One week later with Shadows of Evil

    I echo those of you who are severely underwhelmed with SOE. It is a massive letdown, especially given that the previous map, Origins, was (imo) their crowning achievement; where just about everything they tried was executed perfectly. Unfortunately, they have taken a huge step back with SOE. After a week of playing it, I'm already bored of it. I think it's because you are basically forced to play the exact same way every single time, which is so different than old zombies. In my opinion, treyarch has dropped the ball yet again. They had three years to develop zombies content, and this seriously is the best they have to offer? I have loved zombies ever since nacht. There simply is no comparable wave-based zombie game like COD zombies, which is why it is so frustrating that Treyarch continues to fail to realize the full potential of zombies. They seem to be so out of touch with the zombies community, and are unable to comprehend why we love this game so much. In my opinion, they need to sell the rights to zombies to another company that can devote all of their resources to making fresh zombies content. The demand for it is definitely apparent.