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  1. Fear Russ Anagram Black Ops 1 & 2 DLC

    If my theory is correct, they could have been working on the BO2 storyline for quite sometime.
  2. Fear Russ Anagram Black Ops 1 & 2 DLC

    Maybe: 'Fear the ruin'? I like you're idea, and thanks :)
  3. This is what I think. In one of my previous videos, I talk about the Tranzit bus stop saying: 'Stop Russ'. I believe that Russ has a darker side than what we know or think. Here is the link to the 'Stop Russ' theory: WgZNlneOzDc LfriNNkr4qE
  4. For the Xbox 360: Some textures dont load properly (all maps, not sure about Grief) You can walk through Navcard tables Sometimes on Xbox Live> Solo it gets stuck saying 'Creating Lobby' Thats what I have found!