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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I always dreamed of a Wunder Weapon similar to the ray gun, but it only affects one zombie per shot, and has a clip size of about 3. When shot, the affected zombies would turn against the rest of his hoard, and start attacking them. The other unaffected zombies would hit him back until the one zombie died, and then the hoard would start going after the player again. The affected zombie would get more health, but keep the same damage; a 2 hit kill againt the other zombies. When this weapon is PaP'd, it would make the affected zombie much stronger, much more powerful (perhaps a 1 hit kill), and a faster hitter. While the hoard of zombies fights off the one rogue, players could revive somebody, buy ammo, etc. Hope Treyarch considers this in Black Ops II!