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    Hello Comrades. This is my first topic on these forums. I hope you enjoy. Okay so, a lot of you out there loved Nazi Zombies on CoD:WaW and BO. And now we’re all very excited for BOII Zombies. Let’s make some changes though, like Upgradeable perks. Like this: Juggernog:2500 Second time buying Jugg is 5000 gives slightly altered jugg and gives stopping power Third and final time is 7000 and gives greater stopping power and greater jugg strength. Speed Cola: 3750 gives speed cola and quicker weapon switch Second time: 7000 gives faster Switch weapons plus slightly altered regular speed cola Final time: 9250 gives all above altered to be slightly greater plus hacking is pretty much instantaneous. Double Tap: 2500 gives double tap and 25% more ammo Second time: 3750 gives slightly faster shooting and 50% more ammo Final time: 5750 Triple Tap and bandolier. (Double Ammo) Quick Revive: 1500 Second time: 2000 Faster revives and if you kill 5-10 zombies when downed you come up, Longer Bleed-out Final time: 3250 Almost instant revive, faster crawling, and “Solo” Quick Revive effects Pack Rat: 7500 Keeps all purchased perks (Up to Tier 2 Perks) even if downed* * Perks will go away if you die, including Pack Rat Cheapskate Cola: Everything is 10% Cheaper. Cost:1500 2nd Buy, 25% Cheaper. Cost: 2250 3rd Buy, Half Off Everything! Cost: 3500 ||PaP Machine: 5000 Second time: 10000 More damage and bigger clip Final: 13000 Huge clip, Tons o’ damage plus a second random attachment I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but I hated how in Black Ops they had Cold War era weapons on the WaW maps. Hopefully if they bring back the WaW maps, they use the WaW weapons and update the graphics. Also, on Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt they have the Marines instead of the “Crew”, for the storylines sake. But they should keep Dempsey with the marines. I was thinking there could be a type of “Marksman Round”. What I mean by this is: Every 15 rounds or so, birds could circle in the sky for a set amount of time and for every bird you shoot down you receive “X” amount of points. Like 250 or so. At the end of the round you receive a max ammo like in the hellhound round for all that ammo you shot off. New Power-Up drops Infinite Ammo: The only way to receive this power-up is to use 10,000 points and hack a max ammo. This will turn into an infinite ammo drop for about 15 seconds or so. Incendiary Ammo (AKA “Hell-Fire” *Spoken by the announcer*) Your rounds light zombies on fire and do more damage than regular bullets, plus fire damage while they are burning. Achievements/Trophies: What a Deal! 5G/Bronze: Get a gun from the box that costs more if you were to have purchased it off the wall Tightwad… 15G/Bronze: Buy all tiers of Cheapskate Cola and purchase the Pack-a-Punch Welcome to the World of TOMORROW! 20G/Silver: Use the teleporter 10 times in a single game. I made this post on the Call of Duty Forums before BO came out. It has been updated with new ideas and changed since then and will continue to be updated over time. Let me know your thoughts. I will be making another post about a new map and Major EE following the insane Zombies storyline. Edit 1 - Quick Revive Longer Bleed-Out added -The Russian