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    !PERKS! I think that haveing phased perks, plus new ones, would be cool as in; Buy Jugganaught once: 4 hits till downed buy Jugganaught Twice: 6 hits till downed buy Jugganaught three times:8 hits till downed buy Jugganaught four tims: 10 hits till downed But they just be leveling up so technicaly Pack-a-Punching perks (but not with the pack-a-puch machine) What about the other perks? I here you ask well that could go some thing like this. Mule Kick Buy Mule kick once: thierd gun slot buy Mule kick twice: gun and perk will be kept after beeing downed. buy Mule kick three times: extra ammo on all guns buy Mule Kick four times: ONE gun will have a shotgun attachment Speed cola buy speed cola once: 25% faster reloading (Normal speed cola) buy speed cola twice: 50% faster reloading buy speed cola three times: 75% faster reloading buy speed cola four times: 100% faster reloading Stamin up (Spellet wrong?) buy IT once: faster sprinting buy IT twice: longer sprinting time buy IT three times: even faster sprinting buy It four times: unlimited sprinting time And for the purpose of time i will skip the rest but i think you know where im heading with this. Please treyarch impliment this beacuse from the second i started playing zombies thats all i ever wanted. :D