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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    They definatley need to make zombie mode to where there is no limit to how many perks a colas you can purchase. Honestly when i play i get all the wonder weapons, claymores or betties, bowie knife, buy all the doors, upgrade all my weapons and get my favorite 4 perks and then it becomes boring after that because all you are doing is just shooting zombies. I have 10's of thousands of points and nothing to spend it on. PLEASE TREYARCH NO MORE PERK LIMITATIONS!!! My zombie map idea is THE WHITE HOUSE. In the white house in DC there are all sorts of mysteries and super blast bunkers underground. It would be awsome if you could even go outside the white house to the different lawns such as the north lawn, south lawn etc..... Also to where you could go on the roof of the white house and be able to shoot the zombies spawning up from the different lawns. They could have a safe room similar to FIVE for safety. The White house has several wings to it so this has the potential to be a huge map, and with being able to go down elevators to the huge underground bunker, the roof, the multiple lawns and be able to explore all over the white house.