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  1. God, I hope there is no 8 player mode. When I play pubs as a host, I actually hope 2 players quit around Rd 20, just so I don't have suffer horrendous frame lag, of which is inevitable every time. Imagining 8 players on round 24... damn. To hell with that. It would be like playing a frickin' slide show! :o
  2. Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    Registered just to post this. Did anyone else see the pre-order bonus from Gamestop? You get a 2 sided poster. Big deal, I know. However, on the 2nd side set against an orangish background (similar to when you select Zombies mode in BO) is a female holding a severed zombie head. Pretty badass, if you ask me. Maybe a new playable character?