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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    My idea is simple a Sub-Machine gun called the "Firebird" that shoots incinery rounds when you pack-a-punch it it becomes the "Phenox" and the rounds also explode
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Yes i know how the story works i have been playing nazi zombies since the day nazi zombie first came out with WaW it just seems that tokoy barly talks i would love to hear him talk more give him a litle more charactor meaning
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    I have MUCH hopes for this game when it comes to zombies. I believe Black Opps delivered very well when it came to zombies. However there is always room for improvement or changes. Here is some of my thoughts that i would love to see in Call Of Duty Black Opps 2/ eclisp - ON the TOP of my list would be a SOLO LEADERBOARDS! I play much solo and would love to see my score against other people - I would love to see maps that show base storys for other caracters such as Nikoli as of a Carpantor, and Tokoy must zombie veterens such as me still dont know who he really is and how he has to do with the story -I would love to see way more weapons in the box and different affects after PaP. Such as different attachments or even a whole new gun. - Zombie counter would be amazing. - I mostly play on my Ps3 but as of WaW i still play on my pc for custom zombies it would be nice if we could get a set of mod tools - I would love more zombie maps to start out with and as of the map packs have even more zombie maps - LASTLY I WOULD LOVE.........MORE OF EVERYTHING GUNS, PERKS, MAPS, EASTER EGGS, TROPHIES/ACHIEVMENT, MORE OF ZOMBIE!!!