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    I'm happy once they keep Jugg (obv) , Speed cola, PHd, and Mule kick...keep these PLEASE n pro perks would b good. I don't like dead shot or doubletap.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Hello everybody, this is my first post! Anyway i love zombies! :!: i have a couple of suggestions but they've probably been said already; 1. Host migration 2. Solo leaderboards 3. Ranking system, BUT VERY BASIC, no customizing classes etc, that would ruin zombies. Just titles and emblems, no advantage to other players. 4. At least 2 zombie maps in a map pack would b amazing :shock: 5. pack a punch twice 6. More things to spend money on in higher rounds 7. Something that could enable mathmaking wit people that are using mics! Keep zombies classic and fun please with more weapons and maybe perks