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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    ===============care packages....=================================== have a machine you can buy care packages from or get them like 2x or insta kill but have ether dogs that defend you until they become overwhelmed or .... sensory guns you can set up to help defend you or even attack helicopters that you can call in an they circle the map for 30 seconds ==========map level ideas..... ====================================== ---beach map with scuba mask similar to helmet on the moon so you can go in an out of an underwater base -----continuous map idea, at the end of each round there is a boss but you have a start point on the map and a finish, when you reach the end you face the boss defeat the boss and you start the next level from that spot finding your way to the next boss ----- map tiers to beat personal best , have save checkpoints offline so you dont have spend hours trying to reach level 25-30 or if you only have a short time to play ----have a level where there are 5 levels or so but have them be in small areas and make a Zombie elimination match Last one alive wins the level best out of 3 or 5 but have the lobby be able to hold up to 10 people ----have a map that is server based so it is on for anyone to go into but make a huuuuge map or connect all the maps so you can join the game run around kill zombies people can come an go as they please into the map but zombies just continuously appear which would be the never ending game but fun to play -----provide steps to easter egg under objectives on the pause menu doing all that stuff perfectly is hard enough ---making puzzle doors where you have to find objects or keys to open doors to new areas of maps(different from doors you can buy) --- hold X or square to move objects in rooms to help baracade doorways ===========NEW SCORING SYSTEM IMPORTANT I THINK PEOPLE WOULD ENJOY====== so what should happen is everyone has their OWN account profile like on multi-player where players get to keep a level of rank among other zombie slayers ... as simple an beautiful as that sounds it would include unlocking certain levels of weapons and adding the attachments such as sights a quick recap - personal profile similar to multiplayer , ranking system , emblems and titles -unlockable guns, armor, attachments -health bar by ammo count - zombie counter how many are left on the map during the round =================== lastly weapons ============================================= along with the unlockable guns you should be able to create a class and reach weapon objectives like multiplayer other then that ideas for new weapons? -- a chainsaw or chainsaw attachment for your gun -- dynamite or destroyable scenery ----- hold X or square to move objects in rooms to help baracade doorways -- rc cars or air strikes -- weapons you find parts for to use such as bunker guns or lazers you need to find ammo for --haha bear traps just kidding --vehicles you can enter -- ice bomb that freezes zombies or freezes the floor so they trip up or you can quickly slide across ALL POSSIBILITIES ARE OUT THERE HOPEFULLY WE SEE SOME CRAZY NEW SHIT!! moshnjuggalo13 Posts: 1 Joined: Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:44 pm