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  1. It does not appear that there will be a viral campaign. Too bad, really. I really enjoyed the last one. I suppose there is still time to do one but it looks like they have done the reveal and then confirmed that zombies will be in the game. As a story line the game looks pretty straight forward the POV of Black Ops I lent itself to a crazy viral campaign this one doesn't look like it does.
  2. Lamia used adjectives like "Robust" and "expansive" and zombies is really fun when you play with "a lot of people." It may mean nothing but I don't know why you would describe 4 as a lot. And really robust and expansive because at the end of the day it is a wave survival game. It makes me wonder, just a bit, if they have changed the format or objectives or something.
  3. I wouldn't think that they would make a reference to another game. But who knows, Treyarch does some weird stuff.
  4. Treyarch games and marketing are the best.