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  1. Sabotaging Richtofens Plans

    Oh my God, this could be fantastic! The game could be centered around cutscenes and instead of a generic shoot and kill until you die, it could be you would actually have to do certain things in each map (including the originals) and then there would be really good cutscenes. Jampacked with emotion and action! Huzzah! And maybe at the end you would have to kill the original Richtofen, who's a normal sane man and you have to kill an innocent man before he turns into the evil doombringer of the planet. And he'd be all crying and begging for his life and you could either kill him, and the game would fade to black and the credits would end and it'd tell you what the three characters, Takeo, Tank and Nikolai, are doing now. Or if you spared him, the present Richtofen would teleport behind you and katchaw! Stab you and then the screen fades to black and you hear Richtofen say "You tried to kill me? You went through all that to kill me and yet you spare me?!" And you hear a punching sound and Tank groan. "You have dug your grave, American. All of you have." i mean what
  2. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I cringed at Richtofen's secret homosexuality. I can't help but be a fangirl of him, I'd rather him be straight, but if anything I always thought he was bisexual at best. Oh well, if the information points towards homosexuality, I'll deal. weepssilently Did we ever find a reason for Richtofen's insanity that followed him touching one of the pyramids? Why would such a intellectual and powerful sub-race create pyramids and statues that would cause mental damage?