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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Okay i'm going to let it all out right now. What i thinks should be in the next zombs game. 1: A new machine - Double punch. Cost= 4500 points. Effect= Adds dual wield attachment to any gun. (Yes I know what the Tokyo&Rose was like, but imagine the ray gun.) But some that would be inpossible to do like lmgs, the gun will try to go in, but it will jam, break ( breaking the machine too.) And the machine will teleport somewhere random. 2. Second and third pack-a-punch. The names would be own-a-punch and pwn-a-punch. For example, hades-pluto with range of a smg and extreme damage. Pluto- death and dispair. Accurate dual wield 8 barrel speed reload shotguns. > You would also have to do mini-easter-eggy stuff to get to them. There should also be ranking up systems that would pair you up with similer skill players. ( Some pro 50+ rounder wouldn't have to play with a guy that still has the olympia and m14 by round 10.) And there should be a map that is 3x larger than say cotd, but another map that is small like kino with optional tutorial to all new zombies players. But finally, there shouldn't be freakin cod elite incorperated with zombies. I means seriously. Who pays 60 bucks a year for stuff you don't even need. Forget codz and elite together.