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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    do something ab xbl matchmaking cuz it is just ridiculously awful atm
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    An extension on Nacht Der Untoten would be cool like you actually go outside and into another building or something. Also bump on joinable spectator mode. Spectator should only be able to join a game that someone has left and only in between rounds. Customizable Private Matches would be really cool. Please no custom classes cuz thats not what zombies is about. Also, as far as the whole rank up thing I don't like the idea of zombies becoming multiplayer (please, please keep prestiges out of zombies) but I would definitely like some kind of goal. Not something that will help you in game but maybe something of aesthetic value, i really like the online emblem idea. Stats/playercard for sure, but i did think the combat record was a little flawed in multiplayer but idk. Oh and keep the long Easter Eggs without a doubt but the music easter eggs seem kind of short because once the song is over you have nothing to listen to so maybe multiple songs on a map by hitting different objects or maybe in a different order. Keep Elena Siegman cuz she's amazing and im not sure how i feel ab using premade (Avenged 7fold, Eminem etc.) songs it just seems much more original to use ur own songs with ur own singer. im not saying never do that but if you do elena should still be in the map. Definitely do another asylum/sanatorium map like verruckt its so eerie and it adds to the fun. also collin if ur reading this i love where the name samantha came from ive definitely noticed that before