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  1. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Dempsey Group PLOX?
  2. What's your favorite W@W wall weapon?

    My favorite is definitely the FG42, but I usually don't end up getting it because it's not very convenient to my strategy on Der Reise so I end up getting The STG-44 or The Thompson depending how far we are into the game/where I'm kiting.
  3. Best way to be mean in Zombies is for you & your friend to be the "Elevator Engineers" on Five and tell the randoms there not allowed to ride without your permission. :3 I assume that the Shangri-La PaP machine could be fun with mess with aswell? Teleporter on Kino is also fun sometimes. I use to sometimes just mess with people doing these types of things when we got bored.