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  1. Just like to say this is a great little game for the iphone had to get it since mw3 dosent have zombies... Im currently Ranked 8th out of about 2500 on kino tbh i could of gone alot lot further i let my self die to see what i would be ranked at round 40 didnt think it would be 8th haha If anyone was wondering.... You Can use The Teleporter but when your up in the projecter room the zombies dont all gather in the middle of the run way like they used to. There is three rocks to play the 115 song ( just knife the rocks ) You can still upgrade weapons There are four coins you have to find before you can play dead ops... they are not hidden in the game they are in the menus just click on them e.g one is on the options page in a picture. There is quite a few little changes to the map e.g the door leading to the lobby now has a little burnt out room there , there are ralings on the turrent in the thearte , there is ralings on the stairs on to the stage There is no mule kick machine Hope this helps and makes people want to buy the game its worth the £5 / $6.99 :D
  2. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    round 26 two players