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  1. Moon Confirmed Info

    Yeah ok mate an bin ladens still alive
  2. New perk is NOT dual weild

    He was just saying, he didn't say oh I'm going to purposely target this guy when making this post. Sure your theory was wrong but it's a theory. I know the theory is wrong, what I'm trying to say is if he wanted to say something he should have just said it in my thread, rather making another one. And if he was wondering about the helmet, he should have posted a thread about that and not the title saying that my theory is wrong. I'll take any comments you'd like on my thread, but you don't have to make another one just saying your opinion. It's a waste of a thread in my opinion. sorry man but i wouldnt have seen this unless he posted it GREAT find man finally put that stupid duel wield theory behind us!
  3. Easter egg detectives!!!

    shweet well as i said we can have like 3 teams of 4 me and 3 friends in a party chat with you and 3 of your friends and the other guys who posted have their own partys linked with our chat ! looking forward to cracking through this easter egg and dont be shocked about the 12 hours thing it would of been alot longer luckily my friend knew what the code was for the mud maze ^_^
  4. Easter egg detectives!!!

    well it took a long time like a good 12 hours! the stupid thing is we kept hitting the gongs every time we done something lmao we didnt know what they done!!! we figured it out though and as for the file viewers people are saying its going to be to hard to find it through looking threw files alone anyway guys looking forward to busting this thing wide open!!!! il keep you updated to whats going to happen closer to the day :)
  5. Easter egg detectives!!!

    Hey guys as soon as this map releases im going to crack the easteregg asap are there 4 other dedicated players using mics willig to help??? I cracked shangri la day 1! With 3 other friends So im attempting the same thing with a twist! Basically we all party chat up! So 8 players two different games! 4 per game obv Unless we get alot more people involved and we have a orgy party chat like 16 people would be sick!!!
  6. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Z.C.O.D.L Zombie Call Of Duty Logo :p