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  1. Power Switches

    Interesting angle, they're just getting us used to the idea of having to work harder :twisted:
  2. Power Switches

    In that case is there literally no reason for having 2 switches? Because I still don't see why you couldn't turn on both streams of water from one switch :?:
  3. Power Switches

    It's certainly worth a bit of investigating, the water and power thing sounds plausible. Maybe there is some benefit to having one on without the other?
  4. Power Switches

    I don't see that it makes any difference really, you'd generally wait till you had a crawler or at least only a few left before turning on the power. That's why I was thinking there might be something more to it, easter egg or something.
  5. Power Switches

    Anyone else wondering why there are 2 power switches all of a sudden?