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  1. Create ur own perk

    Wow. Havn't been on in a while but thanks for designing these!
  2. Create ur own perk

    RIFLEMAN WATER (a la Vitamin water ) Colour: White/Grey Logo: AK-47 silhouette over white splash. Price:2000 Effect: You receive an upgradeable 3rd weapon assault rife, totally random either: m16, m14, commando, AUG, Famas, G11, Galil, or Fal. If you get downed the assualt rifle dissapears even if upgraded. DREAD BULL (a la Red Bull ) Colour:Maroon/Crimson Logo: Bull silhouette over red with sparks coming from head. Price:3000 Effect: Same effect as WAW Berserker; When you get a zombie multikill you are invulnerable for 30 seconds and knife is insta kill. What do you guys think?? Anyone wanna attampt the logos??