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  1. Are 4 Players required for the SoE Easter Egg?

    Gotcha. Alright, Maybe I'll try it out. Maps fun either way. Thanks for the response!
  2. Are 4 Players required for the SoE Easter Egg?

    Is that confirmed? Has somebody spawned the worm 3 player? Have they confirmed that nobody can make it from the tram station to the center of the mpa in time?
  3. I know you can't do it solo, but does the giant worm spawn 2 player or 3 player? Has anyone tried that yet? Only reason I'm asking is becuase 2 of my friends are good at zombies, and I don't really want to have to ramp up a third person or find some rando just to fill the required fourth slot.
  4. Once "Player A" has the Wonder Weapon, can "Player B" get it from the box while "Player A" still has it? Can 2 exist at the same time?
  5. The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    Like, a perka-cola perk? Is that true? Can I give him Candy and he'll just give me Juggernog? If so, that's awesome! Can you use it to get a fifth perk a cola?