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  1. Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    ive been hearing alot about those 2 maps but nothin points to moon at all and i mean nothin it all points to the vietnamese temples and ive heard alot about "dead capitalism" as well but nothin can be confirmed ive just heard is got the "five" gang and its gonna be in some treasury type building
  2. Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    pretty great thoughts people but do you really think it would all end with a retaliation i mean we need to be thinkin about wat could possibly be after cause retaliation would be kind of a cliff hanger dont you think im thinkin maybe the next and/or final map pack will be annihilation send me your thoughts people im always willing to here em. [brains] [brains] [brains] TO ALL!!!!!!!! send all suggestions to killkillbunny.thomas65@gmail.com