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  1. Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    i really wanna play with some people that wanna get far, i got mic etc, but my mates kinda get bored after round 30ish, anyone feel free to add me me, ms PSN is jack_dog_outwell, you can see how far i got in my signature, guess i kinda average so i would be handy to have i guess
  2. How Far Have you Gotten?

    i got round 35 on ascension with a LAN connection in my mates room, was awesome to do that with him and his cousin, thing is we got to like midnight and we all had work next day early so we just started "flopping" off the stairs and this ended in certain death ha... but can also i dont really see a tactic we could use after round 30ish, we basically rack all the spawn up and then blast it til there dead, i know traps could come in handy but at the PaP machine and staminup i think we would get trapped?? any ideas please? we really wanna break 50, i would be happy with that