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  1. Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    I don't recommend this for a starting language. Its something that COD uses for their games. If you want to learn coding, I recommend you taking a java class. The code for this game is written more in a C Language style as they use Pointers to function mapping. You might want to google, Function, Method, and Struct.
  2. Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    I personally don't see anything in code that would support the idea of shooting the soul and here is my justification: thundergun_check( model, trig, weapon_combo_spot ) { model endon( "death" ); while (1) { self waittill( "weapon_fired" ); if ( self GetCurrentWeapon() == "thundergun_upgraded_zm" ) { if ( DistanceSquared( self.origin, weapon_combo_spot.origin ) vector_to_spot = VectorNormalize( weapon_combo_spot.origin - self GetWeaponMuzzlePoint() ); vector_player_facing = self GetWeaponForwardDir(); angle_diff = acos( VectorDot( vector_to_spot, vector_player_facing ) ); if ( angle_diff flag_set( "thundergun_hit" ); RadiusDamage( trig.origin, 5, 1, 1, self ); } } } } } In this section of code you can see the math on aiming the thunder gun toward the gursh. No where else in the code is similar logic used. For your convenience, I have posted the soul release code below to show how it moves. soul_release( model, origin ) { soul = Spawn( "script_model", origin ); soul SetModel( "tag_origin" ); soul PlayLoopSound( "zmb_egg_soul" ); fx = PlayFXOnTag( level._effect["gersh_spark"], soul, "tag_origin" ); time = 20; model waittill( "death" ); level thread play_egg_vox( "vox_ann_egg6_success", "vox_gersh_egg6_success", 9 ); level thread wait_for_gersh_vox(); soul MoveZ( 2500, time, time - 1 ); wait( time ); soul Delete(); wait(2); level thread samantha_is_angry(); }
  3. Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    HoboRisesAgain, if you look at the second code block that you quoted, it is rather clear that "level thread soul_release( self, trig.origin );" is only called when ray gun, thunder gun, and dolls have hit the gursh device. Cross bow is set true in the code, but is never used within the scope of the function.
  4. Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    This thread was created after the video was made. I can only analyze the code and give you my view on it. I never said you had to agree with me. People should use there own judgment on what they read. Note that I never took credit for finding this error in code. I my self over looked it. That is why I gave a complement to the poster of this thread.
  5. Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    I reviewed the question code and have determined why cross bow doesn't matter: wait_for_combo( trig ) { self endon( "death" ); self thread kill_trig_on_death( trig ); weapon_combo_spot = GetStruct( "weapon_combo_spot", "targetname" ); ray_gun_hit = false; doll_hit = false; crossbow_hit = false; players = get_players(); array_thread( players, ::thundergun_check, self, trig, weapon_combo_spot ); while ( 1 ) { trig waittill( "damage", amount, attacker, dir, org, mod ); if ( isDefined( attacker ) ) { if ( mod == "MOD_PROJECTILE_SPLASH" && (attacker GetCurrentWeapon() == "ray_gun_upgraded_zm" ) ) { ray_gun_hit = true; } else if ( mod == "MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH" ) { if ( amount >= 90000 ) { doll_hit = true; } else if ( attacker GetCurrentWeapon() == "crossbow_explosive_upgraded_zm" ){ crossbow_hit = true; } } if ( ray_gun_hit && doll_hit && flag( "thundergun_hit" ) ) { flag_set( "weapons_combined" ); level thread soul_release( self, trig.origin ); return; } } } } Unlike ray_gun_hit and doll_hit, crossbow_hit is never used. The logic was put in to set it true but as seen here, it is never referenced to end the Easter egg: if ( ray_gun_hit && doll_hit && flag( "thundergun_hit" ) ) { flag_set( "weapons_combined" ); level thread soul_release( self, trig.origin ); return; } Line: if ( ray_gun_hit && doll_hit && flag( "thundergun_hit" ) ) { This states that the ray gun hits once, the doll hits at least once and the thunder gun hits once to activate the end of the Easter egg: level thread soul_release( self, trig.origin ); Explanation: Based on how the code is constructed, this looks more like a bug that wasn't caught in testing. When reviewing it the first time, even I missed the fact that the cross bow wasn't being checked in the last if statement. This was a good find. Thank you for creating the post.