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  1. On tha real, I've been awake for 36 hours straight working... BUT I wanted to post this before I go to sleep, becuase as soon as I get up I go back to work! I've been deprived of forum time and it's a pretty sad story... rambling. Sorry. Forgive me for my current inability to link thoughts together and not making a more in depth post. I just feel that this discovery needed to be shared. My roomate and I play splitscreen all the time (it's a 62' so don't give me hell for split screening lol) and twice I've noticed the following results. Once was offline just us and the second time was online with a group of three.. which may be a key factor. Because we had inadequate players to complete the monkey round node, we stopped doing anything with the easter egg after capturing the generater and activating the first node. We continued slaying for hours on end and during all these rounds the Centerfuge has not spun at all. Both games we activated the node somewhere between rounds 7 and 10. Now here's the fun part. In both of these games somewhere in the early 30's I activated the fire trap near StaminUp, and shortly after (not sure if in that same round or the next) the centerfuge resumed its periodic siren alert and spinning. I have neither the time nor energy to theorize right now as to how this is relevant. Anywho, like I said we've seen this result twice so it was not a glitch. Sd s sd zzzzzzzzzzzz *droolz on keyboard* Night.
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    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Is it just me or when they were riding the lander with the DMs as the entered the centerfuige room all the color faded away for a second or two. Does this always happen? I don't remember it happening other than the very beginning. Perhaps it's not the moon that they hit but all those lights on that scafold looking thing. He looks down and then back up at the last moment and seems to hit the lights before the lander enters the hole... then the color is gone momentarily.

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