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  1. Lullaby for a Deadman in first level

    So, I dont know if it's an Easter Egg, but you can get Lullaby for a Deadman (The ending song from Nacht der Untoten) to play during the first Nightmare Campaign level in BlOps3.Just before the circular room with the gas, if you go into the control room on the left, there should be a console making noise.There's also a collectable here, It was the 3rd one I grabbed, but I dont know if they're necessary for the song to activate.Anyway if you stand by the noisy console, around where the burger box and drink are, and wait until an error sound occurs, followed by quiet, then the song should activate once you drop into the next room and the gas triggers, spawning more zambies.Also, the song continues through the cutscenes and once it's played through, it starts again if you die and checkpoint, or if you grab another collectable, to the point where if you do these two in quick succession, you have the track playing twice over itself.I'd love for someone to test this out just to corroborate my story.