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  1. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Yeah, i agree. When the Update comes out for First Strike it will no doubt update the terminal. Im hoping it includes an Ascension server too, you would have thought so.
  2. The True identity of the Thief!

    Why are people assuming Clarke is at the Pentagon? I already believe Clarke is the thief. If im wrong then so what but for now, he is. Anyway, dont just assume that the thief is at the Pentagon, you have to turn the power on before you even see the guy. What does turning the power on do? Right, activates the teleporters! So, isnt it possible that Clarke could have teleported from another base/map such as Ascension or whatever (depending on the timelines?) People assume that Sam and Maxis are alive "somehow trapped inside the aether" so why not Clarke? Also, why is it so obvious that Richtofen is Edward? Aprt from him also being named Edward?