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  1. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    i got to 31 with two players on split screen. we would hold out in the lobby untill the dogs come and then the player with the least amout of points opens the first door and then the other palyer opens the next door leading to the speed cola room. buy the shotgun and hold that corner. there is only two ways into that room so it works pretty well. just have one player at each door way. then when dogs are done go back to lobby and hold down the lower half of the lobby and one player watches the front (between the sofas) and the other watches the window and gives support/backup when the front person needs to reload. then when you get over whelmed usually about 9-11 you go to the next room and hold that down till you get over whelmed then you keep doing that till you get to the stage. turn on the power (should be level 14 or 15) then go link the teleporter. sit in the teleporter and hold it untill over run. in the teleporter room you upgrade and toss granades out the window to the zombies down below and keep buying granades( on the wall next to projector) once you teleport back to lobby go up the stairs to the right and if you are on level 16 or 17 you can hit the electricity and hold that room till the electricity is over. (you should have crwlers since you threw granades out the window and then you link the teleporter again. use the same tactic. once you get to about 20, instead of stoping at electic fence up stairs you instead keep going to the speed cola room. go throguht the door to the dressing room and in the back corner there is a silver door that leads to the stage. do not open the door. just hit the electric fence and wait. if you have monkeys you can oss them out after the fence goes down, if not you will need to fight your way back to the teleporter and re link. we did this till 31 when we ran out of ammo and was running around zombies. used the zeuses cannon and up greded shotgun ( upgraded shotgun useless after 26 or 27- takes 4 shots to kill zombs)