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  1. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Hey guys! I know i've gone dormant, but this is my apology update. Forgive me! Anyways, i have moved the story over to my new deviant art! Here's my profile link: http://fisher10190.deviantart.com/ I am a brony, and there are a few brony related things on there, but please don't shun or hate me for it! I'm still the same old fisher, and my content isn't getting any less awesome! Thanks!
  2. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Wait, Which one? I'm confused, xD
  3. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    "Aw, what the hell. Turn the damn thing on." Joseph looked at me funny. "Sir, i am seriously against this." About that time, Sam cut in. "That's one of my father's machines. My father did a thousand tests, i highly doubt that it will blow up." Joseph got a dirty look, than he raised his eyebrows, put his head down, and sighed. "Alright you're the boss." Joseph and Bobby walked over to the machine and began to fiddle with it while i watched the German soldiers slowly approach the dead zombies. "Was zum Teufel? Was ist das, war es ein Kampf hier?" "Ich bin nicht sicher. Rufen Sie diese in, vielleicht die allgemeinen wird wissen, was los ist." I was very confused, i didn't speak a lick of german. Luckily Sam knew what they were saying. "The first one asked what was going on, the second one said to call it in to their general." "Oh Sh*t! Joseph, Bobby, Hurry the f*ck up!" "We're trying sir!" Just then the germans looked around. "Hast du das gehört?" "Ja, ich hörte es. Wer auch immer Sie sind, zeigt euch!" Sam looked at me. "Better hurry up, they said to show ourselves." Just then, the machine lit up, began glowing, and let off a quaint buzzing sound. About that time, in through the doors came the germans, right as they went for their guns, everything began to float. "Ack! Es ist die Maschine!" "Verdammt Maxis! Du und deine verdammten Maschinen!" "Nein, nein! Schaltet sie ab, schloss die verdammte Maschine nach unten!" I whipped myself around facing Bobby. "Now, get em`!" Bobby raised the MG and let out a short burst of fire. One of the germans continued to go limp while the other held his side and grabbed onto a pipe protruding from a wall. The german spoke. "Nein! Please, no shoot, no shoot! I surrender!" Bobby lowered his gun and looked at me. "What do you think sir?" "He's alright." Joseph managed to shut down the machine and get us all back on the ground. I walked over to the german with my rifle raised and took his MP40 and Luger. "Are you the only two? Are you!?" "Nein, es gibt eine andere Gruppe gerade hinter uns." "What did he say?" "He said there's another group on it's way." "Well c`mon, let's get out of here." As we went to leave, the german stopped us. "Wait, wait! Please, Help me! Take me with you!" Sam looked at me, and i looked at the german. "I can't believe i'm doing this. Joseph, Bobby, help him!" "But sir," "Help him now!" Joseph gave me a sneer. "Yes sir." We went into the forest and found a place to sit. We layed the german down and we all took a breath. "What are we gonna do now?" I was clueless as to where we should go. "Ask the german if he knows of any encampments around here." Sam, who was already knelt down bandaging him up, asked him. "Kennen Sie noch andere Lager um die hier wissen?" "Ja, da ist ein russischer Außenposten ein paar Meilen nordwestlich." "He said there's a russian outpost to the north-west." "Aber es gibt auch eine Versorgung Fabrik im Osten." I looked at Sam. "What did he say?" "He said there's a supply factory to the east also. I bet it would have a lot of stuff we could use." Joseph butted in. "I bet it will be a trap, he's trying to lure us into a trap." "Nein, Nein! No trap, no trap!" "What should we do sir?" Head East to the Supply factory. Head North-west to the russian outpost.
  4. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Chapter 6 continue - WAIT! Before i go on, let me just say thanks, on behalf of me and my up and coming writing career, for watching and aknowledging this story. Who knows, someday this might become famous writing, this here. So thanks CoDz members! Now then - Chapter 6 Continued: "Saddle up, we're heading for fortification." Bobby picked up his rifle, and just before he was about to load it, Joseph stepped up. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you're doin`?" "I'm gettin ready to cover you guys." Joseph looked at him funny, but before he could say something Bobby continued. "YOU are going to carry the supplies, being the 'Strongest' and all." "Now hold on, I'M the one with the MG!" "Yeah, but i have 4 marksman medals AND the best accuracy in the company." Joseph stopped dead in his tracks, he knew when to walk and when to run, and he also knew the only medal he had was one for being trigger happy, and that was only in our eye's. "Alright then Mr.Marksman, you wanna cover us, you're taking this!" Joseph threw his MG into Bobby's hands. "Wait, seriously?" "No, didn't you know today was opposite day? OF COARSE I'M SERIOUS!" "...Sweet..." Joseph picked up the supplies while Bobby loaded the MG. Meanwhile Sam was sitting on the bed, putting her coat on. "Hey you alright?" "Yes, i'm fine. Just getting ready to run for my life." "Speaking of which, here." I handed her my 1911, she looked at me funny, apparently she was confused. "What's this for?" "It's for if anything happens. It's already loaded." She pulled the sliding mechanism back and chambered a shot, aiming down the iron-sights at an apple. "And apparently you know what you're doing." "(Chuckles) I learned a thing or two from daddy." Bobby chambered the first round into the MG and looked at me. "Alright, MG is ready. So what do you say we go fight our way to safety?" Joseph aknowledged. "Lets do this!" Bobby busted through the door first with a loud birst of machinegun fire, mowing down any zombs that were in our path. At about that time i stumbled out, making sure to keep my gun aimed for their heads. I was followed by Joseph, carrying the supplies. "A million zombs` and I'M the one carrying the supplies." "Shut up and keep moving!" Joseph was followed by Sam, holding her pistol at the ready. The zombs` at this point were aware of us, now they were sprinting at us. Just as we were almost 5 fet from the entrance, Joseph slipped. He managed to kepp the supplies safely in their bags, but he fell to the floor. "SH*T!" The zombies were in full stride, and one in specific was running right at Joseph. He had snuck behind us. "(Snarling and Wailing)" "F**K!" "(Bang) (Bang)" Sam had walked right up and shot the thing. She then continued to spin behind her taking out two more, and then turned around again and killed one that had jumped from the rooftops. Joseph looked on in awe. "Damn, i think i'm in love!" "She's taken. Now pick up the supplies!" We stumbled in the front door of the fortified building. We were all panting, and Joseph was especialy exausted. "Well (pant) (pant), that was fun. (Deep Inhale, loud exhale)" Bobby was slso panting "Did anyone see that, cause i will NOT be doing it again." Sam nearly passed out, i just happened to catch her when she fell. "Whoa, you ok?" "Yeah i'm fine, just kinda worn out." "Yeah, JOSEPH! Anything here?" "No, sir, just scrap iron and blood." All of the sudden we were interupted by Bobby. "Oh jeez, Not Again!" "What is it Bobby?" "You remember that German machine that we destroyed on the mission in Oran, africa?" "Yeah, the one that produces a zero g field anywhere with 30 yards of it. Why?" "Well, there's one here." "Oh boy..." Joseph interupted us. "Uh, sir!" "What is it?" "NAZI'S!" Bobby looked at me. "Sir, we should activate the machine, it'll be helpful." Joseph looked at Bobby. "Yeah, but it could also blow up!" "It's your choice sir." Turn on Machine. Hide and Surprise the German's.
  5. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    Made these myself, :mrgreen:
  6. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Chapter 6: Scrap Iron and Blood. I, scratch that, WE made the dicision to stay back at the more defendable house, just in case anything happened. As we entered the house, Samantha greeted me happily. "And where have you been?" "Well, i got us some utility's and Canned Goods. Then these two showed up with the catch of the day." "(Laughter) Well, i asked them to look for some meat while you were gone, didn't think they'd actually do it." Joseph looked at her. "I aim for success, luckily Bobby aims for the heart." We all chuckled. It was nice to see Sam smile, it was nice to see everyone smile i guess. I interrupted the laughing. "Well, we better start preparing the meat. Bobby, i don't suppose you clean meat as well as you kill it?" "Just so happens i do, sir." "Good, Joseph, go out and help Bobby clean your catch." Joseph looked at me. "(sigh) I get no break. Come on skinny boy, lets get this done!" Bobby and Joseph went out behind the house and began cleaning the deer. That gave me time to just relax for a while. Sam looked at me odd, she could tell i was stressed, but i think she saw something else in my head too. "Something wrong?" "No, everything's fine. Just been a long day." "And it isn't even half-way through. Did something happen at the market?" I sat there silently. Somehow she saw it on my face, that girl is a face reader. "Well?" "Well, while i was at the market," "Yeah?" "A few...odd things happened." She looked at me, clearly interested. "Like what?" "Well...I heard some voices, and some things appeared on the walls. Nothing to odd, most likely just in my mind." She seemed to get even more interested at that point. "What kind of things appeared on the walls?" "Well..." Just then, i had a thought, it was a longshot, but it could help me figure out some things. At least that's what i thought. "Does the number 935 mean anything to you?" Right then she stopped. She seemed to pause in time, not moving, not speaking. Like she was in a trance of some sort. "Hey, you alright?" She seemed to snap out of it once i spoke. "Oh, sorry." "No problem, is something wrong?" "Well...My father," "Yeah, Ludwig, i know of him." "He was a scientist working for the Nazi's." "Yeah?" "And he worked for...Well..." "Well what? Who did he work for?" She looked at me, not like before, this time it was serious, i could tell. "Group 935." Just then a truckload of memories crossed my mind. One in specific, Operating Locust. A secret operation run by the CIA that, just so happened, was the property of my Cousin, General Mark Schaffer. The mission was for a specially trained operative to pose as an ordinary German Nazi enthusiast. He was then to infiltrate a secret society that had, supposedly, been dealing in reasearch and development for the Nazi's by order of Adolph Hitler himself. The society, Group 935, was run by one lead scientist by the name of Dr.Ludwig Maxis. The operative's name was Peter, they wouldn't disclose his last name, so it was just Peter. "Of coarse, why wouldn't i have thought about that before?" "You know of them?" "Actually, yes i do." Just then, Bobby and Joseph busted in the door. They were breathing heavily, and seemed pretty tired. "What's wrong guys?" Bobby looked at me, he seemed terrified. "The...The..." Joseph smacked him on the back. "SPIT IT OUT!" "ZOMBIES." Everything got dead silent. "What?" "A whole horde of zombies! They just came out of nowhere and," just then a zombie thrust his arm through the window, attempting to grab Sam. "AH!" I lifted my gun, "F*CK OFF! (bang)(bang)" Joseph shot it before i could even chamber my round. "You're welcome!" "Thanks!" "Now what should we do?" Bobby looked at me. "Well we can stay here and try to fend them off, bunker down, and protect this building, OR we could move into the armoured building next door." All of us, except for Bobby, shouted at once. "WHAT!" "Well there's a building that's already bunkered down next door, it's a short walk, but there's a LOT of zombie THINGS out there. It's up to you." What should i do? Attempt to fight off the zombies where you are. Attempt to move into the already fortified house next door.
  7. Dear Alpha. This is Fisher. We must talk. L.Maxis is...Dead. Richtofen has turned, and the little girl is now turning everything upside down. I have alerted most of our forces, but Hitler has completely buried the thought of our project. We are left to with no other choice but to survive ourselves. I know by now you are already at home, posting more research for CoDz, but i need your help. Der Riese has been lost, like Verrukt and Shi No Numa, and Richtofen is on the Moon. No doubt he is nearing the end of his master plan. You need to put a group together, Please! I can't stop him alone. Recruit only the best and highest ranked of your friends. Hurry! > This is an invitation, should you except, go to the "Zombie Stories" section and post your reply...
  8. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Chapter 5 Continued: So i decided to head to the supermarket. It was closer, and with any luck it would still be stocked. As i approached the market, i saw a big bill-board that read "Help your country, join the Luftwaffe!". It had a big picture of a German fighter plane and made us look like we were some sort of evil cult. "Oh, well isn't that nice..." As i entered the market, a strong smell of perfume filled the air. Scribbled all over the walls were odd symbols. "What the hell?" I didn't focus on the scribbles for long, i needed to gather food and resources. I searched the shelves, making sure to focus on canned foods. Once i filled two sacks with cans of food, i made my way out. Just as i was exiting the market, i noticed something. "I know that symbol, but from where?" It was a picture of different tools used in masonry, and had a capitol G in the center. "Freemason?" Just then the smell of perfume got stronger, and a thick purple cloud surrounded me. "(Cough) (Cough)" Suddenly, a writing began to appear on the wall, followed by a voice. "You don't belong here..." "What? Who's there?" "Leave. They come near! Leave!" "What? Who comes near? Who?!" I started to hear whispering, like it was right behind me. I heard what sounded like screeching and yelling, followed by explosions and sirens. "Who? Who's coming?!" Suddenly everything got dead silent. "The Illuminati..." Just then a loud scream shattered my ear drums. "Gah! My Ears!" Then, as soon as it started, it stopped. The cloud dissapeared, but the writing stayed. A writing of a fist, with some sort of gear arround it, and the numbers '935'. "Nine Hundred Thirty Five...What does that mean?" I didn't have time to think about it, i'd have to investigate later. But until then, i had to get back to Sam. As i got back to the building we were staying in, Bobby and Joseph walked up, each with a dear on their backs. "What the hell?" Joseph looked at me. "Oh, hey boss. While you were collecting cans, we went hunting." "Yeah, i see that." "By the way sir, some guy came up as we were entering the forest. We tried to talk to him, but he just ran off yelling something about a purple cloud. You know anything about that?" I looked at Bobby. "Actually, yes. Yes i do." "Should we go after him?" "Well..." Go after him. Stay back at the house.
  9. Paper Stacks/trash bags...

    I do have xbox, my name is Gibs O Maniac (Spelled with the spaces and the capitals like that). Just friend me when you get on. Is it on Black Ops? cause i only have WaW and CoD4.
  10. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Someone didn't read entirely. She is 17 in this story AND we are already past that chapter. Try reading all the replys first.
  11. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Chapter 5: This...Is interesting... I told Sam i had to go in, he was too important to leave behind, even if he was crazy. "I have to go in, he knows too much to just let him die!" She didn't want me to go in, She seemed desperate. "Please, Don't go!" "I have to, i'm sorry. Hold on to the pipe. Don't follow me." "No! If you're going, i'm going too." I looked at her, she just wouldn't quit. It's funny, i met her not even a few hours ago, and it seems like we've known eachother forever. War will do that to you. "You can't go in, you already suffered enough!" "I'm not letting go!" Jeez, she was stubborn. Cute, but stubborn. "Alright, hold on tight." Just then, the rest of the team rushed in. Rushed in? Let me re-phrase that, FLEW in. They each grabbed a hold of something. "What the hell is going on?!" "Well, if i'm correct, THERE'S A GIANT BLACk HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!" "Both of you shut up! You ready sam?" She looked at me, she was scared, but she was more interested in staying with me. "Yes." Bobby was confused, until he realized what was going on. "No. No! No no no! That's not a good idea!" Oh boy, good ole bobby. Stating the obvious. I bet your thinking i'm about to yell at him about the doctor...Nope. I let go of the pole, Sam still wrapped tightly around me. "No! Corporal!" Bobby was shocked, guess he was still listening to common sense. "Well Bobby, i'd love to stay, but i have to go help the corporal." Just then, Joseph let go. "HELL YEAH BABY! *ZaP*" "Joseph, No!....I...uh...Oh, what the hell. LET'S DO THIS! *ZaP*" "*ZaP* *Thud followed by groan* Where the hell are we." We had come out of the black hole and landed in a courtyard. Sam was on top of me, she was out cold. Guess the strain of the all the movement was a little too much for her. I didn't want to mess with her, so i just layed there. I had to relax after that impact anyway. Something about her laying there, smashing my windpipes, but sleeping so peacefully, it reminded me of home. It was the first time i ever felt that way in a while. War will change you, make you cold, but she changed that. She made me feel, normal, it was amazing. I guess i never would have thought something like this would happen when i recruited. "*ZaP* AAAAAAHHHHHHH! *thud*" "Joseph!" "Boss? What is she," "SHhh. She might be crushing me, but let her sleep. She needs it." "Right boss, right." He had that i-know-what-you-mean look on. "Wait, Joseph. Where's Bobby?" "*ZaP* HOLY *Thud* OH!" "SHHHH!" Bobby looked at me dazed. "You are...Crazy...Oh, i need an aspirin. Wait, why is she," "Long story Bobby. Now lets get inside, that storm doesnt look friendly." I slowly got up, Samantha in my arms, and carried her inside the nearest house as the rain began to fall. "Sir, there's a bed in that corner." "Got it." As i layed her down she wrapped around me, still sleeping. "Well, guess i aint going no where." "*Chuckle*" "Bobby?" "Sorry sir, guess we'll just camp here." I layed down, Sam still wrapped around me. For a girl, she had a grip. "Sir?" "Yeah Bobby?" "I never got to know how old you are." I looked at him with that you-really-asked-that look, and replied. "I'm nineteen and three-quarters." "Nineteen?!" Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Guess it was kind of shoicking that i was their leader and only nineteen, but still. The morning sun was bright and sharp. "*Yawn*" I looked over, and there, still sleeping in my arms was Sam. As much as i wanted to stay there, i had to get us some food. I got up slowly and went outside, the dew was still all over everything from the morning. I looked to my right and saw that there was some thick woods, but to my left there was an abandoned super-market. What should i do? Hunt in the woods. Search the Super-Market.
  12. Paper Stacks/trash bags...

    Brick in der riese? Excuse me for not knowing?
  13. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Chapter 4 Continued: I decided to call it in, better safe than Sorry. It was kind of funny, it takes them three weeks to get me reinforcements in sicily, but the Scientists and their full reinforced group get here within 1 hour. Guess they have different priorities. One man, Dr. Donnie Stillwater seemed especially astonished at the machine. "I've never seen anything like it. Amazing!" "You know what is Doc?" "Not yet Corporal, but i intend to find out. You should begin the questioning of the girl while i...Examine, this machine." "Whatever you say Doc." I entered the corridor we had sealed off as an interrogation room. Samantha was nervous, still pretty shaken up. She was crying, and i knew that if i wanted to get any info, i'd need to calm her down. "Hey, calm down, it's ok. That...Thing, isn't going to hurt you anymore." "I'ts not that thing that i'm afraid of..." "Oh, i see. Listen, i'm not taking you in, i just need to ask you a few questions. If you cooperate, then we can get you out of here sooner." She thought about it for a minute, with that look on her face that clearly translated a lack of trust. "What do you want to ask?" "There's one question the Scientists told me to ask..." "What is that?" "What happened to Richtofen?..." She got a look of confusion. She understood the question, but i don't think she expected me to know about him. "Well, one of two things. Either he is dead..." "Or?" "OR, he is still in the midst of carrying out his 'Master Plan'." Master plan, that sounded ominous. Just the thought of what kind of plan a Sociopathic Nazi would have sent chills down my spine. He was the king of torture, the lord of death, what could he be planning? "Corporal!" I had been interupted in mid-thought by Stillwater. "Yeah Doc?" "Come here, i think you'll want to see this!" Samantha stopped me before i left. "I must help you with the machine." "I can't let you around that thing, that breaks every rule i know!" "Please, you must let me help! Please!" "(sigh) Alright, stay behind me." I rushed out into the cave where the machine was. There, the Doctor was standing over the controls. "What is it Doc?" "I'm going to activate the machine! You will want to see this." "Hey, hey HEY! Your not activating that thing!" "Why not? This will make history!" "No! Not until i have the boss approves." All of the sudden, Stillwater turned and hit me with a long piece of metal tubing. I fell to the floor, Samantha fell right on top of me, her face directly over mine. She jumped off quickly. "I'm sorry, are you alright?" "Yes i'm fine, but he isn't gonna be!" The Doc looked over to me. "Actually, Corporal. I'll be MORE than fine. HAHAHAHAHA!" Just then, he activated the machine. "NO!" A portal opened, it was purple in tone and looked much like something from a picture of space. It was sucking anything that was loose on the ground right in, i even found myself beginning to slip. Samantha wrapped around me tightly as i grabbed onto a metal pole planted firmly in the ground. "What's going on? I activated it, it's supposed to be a teleporter, not a Gersch machine! NO!" The Doctor couldn't get his grip and flew into the portal. There was a flash of light and a loud zap as he was sucked in. "DOC! NO! I have to in after him!" Samantha gripped me tighter. "No, you'll surely die! He was crazy anyway!" "Well i need to make a choose!" What should i do? Go in after him. Wait for someone to come and help.
  14. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Thats 3 for call it in and 2 for investigate. One more vote and we call it in!
  15. Among the Dead. (Interactive story)

    Ok guys, i'm setting a rule here. First option to get at least 4 votes wins,everyone get that? good, ;)