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  1. Sup :skull:             th?&id=OIP.M0871e151b0745ba951c283933bc1

  2. Worth noting that what J said wasn't really contrary to what he had said previously. My question in the lightning round was whether they existed or not, and his answer was yes. We all assumed that meant they existed in the public domain, whereas in actual fact they only ever existed within the walls of Treyarch HQ :P So, moral of the story here is: DAMNIT JASON! Haha
  3. Credit needs to go to @Berries :)
  4. MrRoflWaffles

    Jason Blundell answers our questions [kinda]

    People on /r/CDz have claimed that he blinks "IAMTHEDOCTOR" broken up throughout the video, but I haven't had a chance to verify myself. If true.. I give up, Jason has gone a step too far Also glad the video is suitably interesting to all of you; as I said in my description, this is my gift to the slightly more hardcore Zombies folks <3
  5. MrRoflWaffles

    2nd Musical Easter Egg

    I'm really hoping there are other songs we could play on this thing. Our own programmable jukebox! A man can dream...
  6. MrRoflWaffles

    ZNS Scrap of paper hunt board!

    Gj so far. Why's #4 so blue? Just the lighting in the area where it's found?
  7. MrRoflWaffles

    ZNS Radios, Quotes, Ciphers, Scraps, etc.

    My goodness this is awesome. Alphabet primed with key "AURORA BOREALIS". More info on Peter in that case coming up. HYPE!
  8. MrRoflWaffles

    ZNS Radios, Quotes, Ciphers, Scraps, etc.

    Oh jeeze, two of the crossword solutions are "Gary" and "Shangri-La". Holy shit.
  9. I think the paper the letter written by Takeo is some sort of a map.....

    Tell me if I am right!



  10. MrRoflWaffles

    Mob of the Dead Loading Screen Code

    Hardest cipher in Call of Duty Zombies history. Hardest there will ever be, at that. Namely because the only hope for a decode is to bruteforce with extremely limited ciphertext to frequency analyse. Nasty stuff.
  11. MrRoflWaffles

    All Ciphers

    Good stuff. Looks like maybe we do need to keep our eye out for a key after all then! I generally consider the BO3 ciphers to be completely distinct to all those from the past, as the style and method of delivery is different. With Origins, we were (sort of) told the cipher utilised, and simply had to work out the key, which had also been given to us but not in a way that made it clear it was the desired key. In contrast, BO3 seems to much prefer the idea that if you can identify the cipher, you've solved the code, bish bash bosh. That's the way it appears to be going for the most part anyhow. Also in agreement about that one TG cipher. Now to read up on everything we've cracked so far!
  12. MrRoflWaffles

    All Ciphers

    Cracking writeup @certainpersonio. Have noticed you doing a fantastic job throughout all of this, be it on reddit or here, so first off, thank you for contributing to all this :D Off the top of your head, do you know of any examples in BO3 where we've been given ciphertext and had to use a cipher involving a specific key without said key being included in the note itself? For example, on SOE, we had the ONLYTHECURSEDSURVIVE ciphers, which provided us with a key. Similarly, I'm assuming the DE Castle cipher will also need a key (which is probably "The Castle"). However, I don't know if we've yet had any instances of keys being needed that haven't been provided to us (or haven't just been default alphabets to make the cipher work e.g. abcde..xyz). If you know of a counter example then perfect, but without one I'm leaning towards the clocktower cipher not requiring a key, just due to its lack of inclusion. Disclaimer: I admittedly am really behind on what's been solved right now, haven't been able to keep up with it all so I may well be overlooking something :)
  13. MrRoflWaffles

    All Ciphers

    Hey @Nieno69 great job :) I've been way out of the loop with the cipher game, so busy with other stuff. What are all your thoughts on the current unsolved ciphers? DE or TG, interested in where we currently stand.
  14. i think there is no main Easter egg in the giant but i think in dlc 1 you will start to find out more about richtofen's plan and where the summoning key is. i think before going to the new map he used the dgt to go to shadows of evil, get the summoning key and then go to the iron dragon to start off he's plan. i think that from origins the 3 other characters get there 2 years before richtofen does but they left at the same time. if you have any toughs on my theroy please message me back

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