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  1. New Perk ????

    Hmmm.... it's all right. I won't take credit if it's not due. I'll take a look at this thread. Regardless good post
  2. New Perk ????

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble I really am, but shangrila a user posted this already... A little while ago, not exact details but with a pic saying it might be a new perk or something, I hate to take your spotlight man..... Sorry, but just trying to give proper credit to proper person, you did help prove his point tho so brains for that
  3. New Perk ????

    In a matter of hours? More like ten cuz of the delay, and more like 24 hours for me, damn work, it's taken over me life
  4. New Perk ????

    O me gawd, you should rap for the next zombie map yo! but look at the top, it's got that skull, that isn't on jugg, last time I checked? :?
  5. New Perk ????

    Well it might not be too, the pics to blurry to tell, and wouldn't they maybe show a full pic of the perk if it was new, cuz didn't they do that for deadshot daqarui?
  6. New Perk ????

    Well knock me down and call me Susan, that looks like a new perk, and doesn't it feel nice to all get along! You should post footoo as helping cuz u neva Sudra looked if you too weren't at each othera throats :mrgreen:
  7. If anyone wants to try theory send good old F4T J3BUS an invite an I will gladly help
  8. Film-reels!

    Were do u find the reels????
  9. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    im interested

    look at the weapons in some of the clips. they look modern. from what i could make out i saw and ak47 and probably what looked like a m249 saw machine gun. this confirms zombies in black ops wooot :shock: :? 8-) :x :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :geek: :ugeek: :facepalm: