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  1. whispers in zombies?

    In a view places in Nazi zombies can anyone here moans mostly whispers of things? in verruct when your at the power room if you go there that gate where the generator is by the mystery box i used to think it was nothing but now it seems like theirs someone talking sometimes i hear "help" or very low whispers maybe its a radio transmission? also in shi no numa when you press numbers on the telephone in the comm room and some voice says "i know your sleeping"im thinking that might be something that came from that meteorite maybe like someone or something that controls the zombies? and then on Der riese i hear crying and moaning then a dark voice it said like a grunt but its freaky im thinking it might be the ghost of maxis the crying might be Samantha and in verruct im thinking it might be peter or peters friend trying to contact each other. anyways its something to look at :)