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  1. Body In Operating Chair on GKNOVA6.COM

    Lol sorry if i copied your idea... And yea they better bring out new info or this is just going to ruin it...
  2. Body In Operating Chair on GKNOVA6.COM

    Someone must have atleast one suggestion
  3. Hey, i just got an idea, what if that man we see on the photos from the drop is the man/thing in the chair on the GKNOVA6.COM website. Maybe he was the 6th test/prototype and that picture is him being locked up so they can use him for tests... Maybe tests that send him crazy and brainless(Zombie State). Post back with any other suggestions or opinions. Thanks Lukus. :D
  4. Missing Live drop documents

    Seeing as one of the documents should stand out because of the yellow no your not crazy. :P
  5. Missing Live drop documents

    Nice Eagle Eyes. :lol: