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    Request userbars for your signatures

    can i have a gknova6, a we play cod, a treyarch, and the incoming transmission one you have how do we set them? lol and can i have one with a zombies face on it. on the left could i have my gamertag: Calicondor
  2. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    ive been thinking about this code on the black ops poster. if u dont know it-8773864270 if u listen, every run by of the music there is a beep. you know how there are fone lines where you can press a button to speak with someone? maybe its saying press 1. the only reason i dont is because i wouldnt know wat to say
  3. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Carbon please rip the lining out of the case i can almost guarente that there is something under there
  4. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    wownot realy that cool :facepalm:
  5. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    fine :facepalm:
  6. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    how do u know
  7. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    ya yo thats wat i forgot to mention [brains] I think I'm gonna do that and just see what the reply is. Any suggestions as to what I should say? ask simple questions and state simple things. dont wnt to get on the peoples bad sides. say like ive read through your emails.....did u kill Gio? what do u plan to do with the list of names? is there a compartment in the phone or briefcase that was given to carbonfibah by uboat? that kind of stuff should sufice
  8. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    ya yo thats wat i forgot to mention [brains]
  9. Calicondor

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    ight havent been following this for a long time and this is all very intresting. but im not as up to date as all of u. but please if u need any help finding ANY and i mean ANY information at all, dont hesitate to ask cuz i put SO much effort into puzzlers like this. First: Carbonfibah, if u havent already, look around this briefcase or take some more fotos of it (mostly the inside) so i can point out hwere to start removing the liner. this is something that u need to do ASAP. Second: same goes for the phone. take the battery out, look if there is a sd card, look in the options section of the fone as well. snap a foto of the inside of the fone as well. also, watwas the backround of the fone when u recievedit? thanks [brains]

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