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    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    im new here but just wanted to drop this on you guys a bunch of mems over at unification did analysis' and came up with some stuff. you may need to do some searching but here it is: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/view ... start=1140 they are somewhere in the latter pages. aaah azure wolf, thinks he has the answers but is as stumped as we are What is there to be stumped about? Isn't the only thing that remains unsolved the phone number?
  2. fgsfds

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    You remember correctly. This is probably a ridiculous idea, but is it possible that the robot at the number 433339 is a freelance text robot? Maybe companies can rent it for a certain time. Back in 2009, it could have been rented for the beef jerky company, and this year it might be rented for Call of Duty. Of course, this can be solved; someone needs to text ALPHA to 433339. If it responds positively, it's still the beef jerky robot and we've been going down the wrong trail. If the number responds negatively, the number might be for Call of Duty and we need to text it the correct message. Maybe it's SALLY.
  3. fgsfds

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    SI can stand for that system of measurements, but in this case, that's not what it means. It's likely a drug or another method of inducing heightened suggestibility. Also, H is clearly shorthand for hypnotism.
  4. fgsfds

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    There are only five ingame documents from the GKNOVA6 drop (not including the emails and the transmission notes). None of the ingame documents have anything written on them. If anything written on the out of game documents are relevant to the game, they do not hint at what is hidden behind the bold, black censors because nobody knows what hides behind the bold, black censors. Additionally, if anyone thinks something written on an out of game document is relevant to the game, I would advise first checking with AzureWolf's excellent post on unFiction to see if the original government document had the writing.
  5. fgsfds


    This document is simply the following actual document: tl;dr the United States wants to attempt Operation Mongoose: assassinating Fidel Castro. ^ This image appears to be the same document, except formatted slightly differently.
  6. fgsfds


    On the contrary, friend, it is your attitude that is discouraging my participation. I genuinely believed the dog was a brilliant idea until you ruthlessly attacked me. :'(
  7. fgsfds


    I'm not being negative. It looks like a dog. It's just my observation, and I was sharing it with the community.
  8. fgsfds


    As helpful as yours.
  9. fgsfds


  10. fgsfds


    No, One Upstanding Citizen is me. And I haven't even posted on Usenet outside of responding to X O's latest post, which came from an IP belonging to external.treyarch.com. I think the post is legit.
  11. fgsfds


    (This is a clearer version of the above image.) Also, the post on Usenet is legitimate because it comes from the IP which is external.treyarch.com.
  12. fgsfds


    The filesizes of index.htm and station.swf have remained unchanged since Transmission 6/7. It could be that they changed the .mp3 files or something, but I wholly doubt that. EDIT: I just checked and everything looks the same, as expected.
  13. fgsfds


    EOM means End of Message.
  14. fgsfds


    No. d3d3LmFjdGl2aXNpb24uY29t decodes to www.activision.com from base-64 but it's irrelevant anyway because, as Level_3 said, the person who posted it spoofed the message to look like it came from gknova6@gmail.com. So this entire puzzle is a troll. We are engaged in a waiting game and nothing more.
  15. fgsfds


    02011905-64 Break the numbers up into pairs, retaining the hyphen. 02 01 19 05-64 Substitute the pairs of numbers with letters (01=A, 02=B ...). B A S E-64 And you get base-64, which is clearly a hint at the next part, which, as Level_3 said above, decodes into http://www.activision.com.

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