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    The circle with the line in it Now I looked every where for screen shots but That symbol is on der riese I am almost 100% sure of it
  2. Transmission #4 Is Up On GKNOVA6!

    beat me to the numbers man i just paused the vid and was gonna come on here ugh Upon pausing it I see a Person looking at what appears to be a flaming ball shooting into the sky Following this image is two scientist running from an explosion I noticed the room looks dark with tv similar to the website Actually there is one playing what appears to be dna but it changes into an atom or somthing
  3. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    I just joined I hardly believe this to be a connection but I looked up the Ip of the gknova site there a a few sites by the same ip and a one of them in the corner brought up a few things about jfk airport I haven't browsed or looked into it too much but here you go http://www.w3who.com/reverse-ip/ http://spyromania.com/ this is where the jfk stuff showed up I will try and help as much as I can this is intriguing me to death