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  1. Not Quite New Around These Parts

    @Lenne Thank you very much. Let's see, favorite zombie map would have to be Tranzit, I haven't played all the maps but I was quite a fan of the bus mechanicin that map. Favorite game with Zombies, CoD WaW. @InfestLithium Thank you aswell. Here's to a wonderful 2 years :Cheers: (Somebody should add a smiley of clinking glasses, just saying) with or without me! Hopefully with me. @Hells Warrrior I certainly hope so, hopefully I can be of some service around here. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  2. As the title suggest, I am not some new person signing up but an old member who has not been active since 2011 (maybe shorter, I don't think all my post's made the transfer of websites). I doubt many will remember me. I tried to get as close to my old avatar as possible. I know, I know, "How could one stay away from this lovely site for 4 years?!?!" Well truth be told, I just lost interest in CoD. I am still kinda meh when it comes to CoD, but Extinction mode was about the only reason I picked up Ghost. I find it quite enjoyable. After watching the Exo-Zombies trailer on the site, I might just pick up the new game. But I have other games I might attend to first. I was around for the first CoD Zombie post in the old CoD WaW forums, online for the largest amount of people on (at the time, I wanna say 500+, people but probably not. Maybe my mind is just embellishing the details a little. That was one hectic chat box that day.), but I was gone for most of all the really cool stuff though. I am glad to see the site still active. The site sure has grown, but so have I. Even looking at my signature block brings back some memories. Truthfully I came back to the site after discussing zombie tactics on another site, and this wave of nostalgia of the site came back to me. I'm not sure how long I will lurk around the site before ghosting away from here. Hopefully I can get a game or two of extinction out of it. PS4 of course. Anyone have an questions?
  3. 47093- EBOLA.

    It is very possible that element 115 radiation caused a strain of Ebola to mutate the this state of causing someone zombie like state.