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  1. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    Nice stuff... Next light, I'll join in on the deciphering fun. For now its just interesting to see what you guys come up with every 10-20 minutes. Covert Cold War missions for all of us come November.
  2. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    Honestly, first thing I thought when I saw those two "clues" was that they must be anagrams...
  3. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    Well 1969 a couple things happened... Us - The battle for "Hamburger Hill" by the 101st in Nam. Political - Number of failed negotiations between French emissary sent by Nixon to North Vietnam. Enemy - The Viet Cong attack 110 targets throughout South Vietnam including Saigon, forcing U.S. troops to fight within the Demilitarized Zone for the first time since the Tet Offensive in '68. And... the Beatles held their last public performance, but I'm sure that has little to do with the next COD. :lol:
  4. http://www.gknova6.com/

    Nice... Thats exactly the same image. I knew it! :D
  5. http://www.gknova6.com/

    Okay the historically inclined indviduals here know it failed... but as I explained on Twitter to another one who pointed out the same conclusion... But enough of that... I wanna concentrate on what we have here at hand. :)
  6. http://www.gknova6.com/

    Being that its very Cold War-ish this can also lead some solidarity to the rumor of the Bay of Pigs mission in COD7? As JFK was also in office when this happened... Quite possibly our new COD7 protagonist(s) are doubled up with some of the Cuban exiles lead in said mission... which leads more into all the possibly "covert" feel that most rumors and details entails its direction at...
  7. http://www.gknova6.com/

    Yah, if you turn the dials images become clearer... JFK at the end is what sold me when watching it earlier. It's definitely 60's based imagery and design, and we all know JFK was in office during the Cuban Missile crisis.
  8. What your favorite zombie map

    Its definitely Shi No Numa because of the certain elements (like the muddy swamp water that slows you down) and its creative traps (Hello Flogger)... even though Der Riese has the additional features that make a huge difference, I still prefer that swampy atmosphere.
  9. What is your favorite upgraded weapon??

    Well I'm a Zombie noob so I haven't upgraded that many weapons in my brief playing time on Der Riese but I have used the upgraded PPSH41 and MG42... Both have made me proud when it comes to firepower.