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Nazi Zombies for PC - I Can Show You the World...

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Last updated: April 24th, 2010 at 9:21 AM EST
Now, of course, a great portion of the people here are Xbox 360 or PS3 players to heart. The Xbox 360 or PS3 is their woman, and they've been committed to her for many years, not touching any other woman (system).

Some are in an outcry, here and on forums across the internet, to have more content for the ever famous Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: World at War. But JD_2020 (Josh Olin), lead producer of Call of Duty: World at War, has already announced that there will be no more downloadable content for the Xbox 360, PC, or PlayStation 3.

JD_2020 wrote:

Presently there are no plans for further DLC for CoD:WaW. We are tremendously appreciative of all your support through the 3 Map Packs, but at some point we have to shift focus to future projects. We’ll continue to support the game in fixing any cheats / hacks that may pop up, so no worries there.



But don't lose hope, my zombie aficionados. For there is still a glorious thing, that has long been passed down game to game, generation to generation, from the system I come from (the PC). And that thing that will save you all? Nazi Zombies mods. For the PC.

Now sure, some of you don't have PCs that can run Call of Duty: World at War. Some of you don't have the best internet connection, or a good graphics card. Some of you simply don't have the funds to go out and spend the money to get a copy of the game for PC. Whatever the reason, some of you won't be delving into the depths of awesome... Well, yet, that is.

But for those of you who can play (or those of you who like to dream), let me show you the glory and magnificence that is Nazi Zombie mods. This thread will serve as a place for all to come and drool over user-created content based around Nazi Zombies, to discuss their favorite pictures and maps that they think are the coolest, and to praise me for bringing this all to the world of Black Water Ops and the Xbox-dwellers.

So, stop and take a look around. Sure, you may not be able to play, but still take some time to see what is here, and to be awestruck about the cool things you see.

Without further delay, I shall reveal to you ... Nazi Zombies... For the PC.

Zombie X

Not exactly like Nazi Zombies that you all have come to know and love, but something about as badass. My friend and I stumbled upon this within the first days of our play on World at War, and it's hooked us ever since.

Zombie X is more similar to Halo 3's Infection or Zombie Panic! Source than standard Nazi Zombies, in which it is a fight to the death against the zombies and the human survivors. Each time a human is killed, he is brought back as one of the walking dead.

But it carries a few added perks. Imagine Halo 3's Infection. Sixteen people, gets pretty intense at some points. Take that and multiply it by four. You get sixty-four. That's how many players can be found in one of these Zombie X servers.

When playing in a Zombie X server, new players will also find that their ranks may be reset and back to rank one from the standard multiplayer. That's because there's an entirely new ranking system in Zombie X (that carries over from server to server) where players can unlock perks and weapons, and prove that they're total badasses and zombie slayers with a sixty-five tenth prestige. Whether this is good or bad is to be determined from your point of view.

Survivors have one hundred health to start. When that health bar is depleted, by whatever means: Infection, zombie mauling, pyrotechnician accident, they are turned to the Zombie Side.

Not to be confused with the Dark Side.

Humans are equipped with whatever class they select out of their custom slots (similar to regular multiplayer), but are given an added bonus. They are given five deployable mines, three bottles of "Granny's Special Soda" (drink to gain back health), and, if they have an equipment for their first perk slot (i.e. grenade launcher, rocket launcher, etc.), that equipment piece will have twenty-five, rather than two. Have fun, you crazy pyros.

I always do.

You may be thinking by this point: Why do the zombies even try? Can they even win? Well yes. Yes they can. Easily.

The first player to become infected, also known as the Alpha Zombie, is randomly selected after the first sixty seconds of game time. That person is given a staggering five hundred health, the ability to vomit on players (similarly to the Boomer from Left 4 Dead), deadly claws for melee, the ability to infect players and make them slowly drain health, and the running speed of Usain Bolt.


I wonder how many times I'll have an excuse to put this here.

Now you must be thinking that, since the Alpha Zombie is so tough, then the others must be pathetic compared to him. Well no, not really. Zombies that spawn after this are given 350 health, the same vomiting ability, the same running speed, and the same deadly melee. They can also get their own "Virus-in-a-Box," which allows them to infect one player that they hit per life, if they can get it out of one of the mystery boxes that are strewn about the map. Oh, and did I mention that, after they killed off a few of the first unlucky players, they can throw body parts?

Yeah, you're pretty much f**ked.

This is only the surface of Zombie X, and there's so much more to discover. Just hope that your friends are as competent as you, or you may be dead before you know it.

"Who the hell was watching my back?"

Nazi Zombies Mods

This section is still under construction. Please wait, it should be updated later today.

Glad you took a little while to look through here. This thread will be ever-expanding as I find new mods and when I get around to updating with all the mods I've already played that concern the undead and World at War, so I hope you come back soon. Hope you enjoyed yourself, and post what you think if you'd care to.



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\o HAIL PC o/

:lol::lol: :lol:

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AH yes! I remember downloading ZombieX :D Just never got around to installing it :facepalm:

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really great thread here! I remember getting WAW for my PC, only to discover my graphics card was bad. now, all I need to do is upgrade my card and then I could enjoy all of this original goodness

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Sounds pretty epic. Too bad i dont have W@W for PC.

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