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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

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The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


Datenbediensteter Samples (Black Ops Terminal)

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Der Riese Datenbediensteter Samples

(Black Ops Terminal)













**Please use Agency standard cyphers for operative identity.**




We successfully inserted CWZGUTCT into Group 935 as a research assistant based out of Munich.  Current location is unknown, but his last transmission suggested he had been transferred from the Der Riese facility to a top secret location known only as Verruckt.  Most recent communique indicates that the 935 experiments are barely under control.


Attempts to secure all viable Group 935 research of Element 115 technology have been unsuccessful. 


We fear that CWZGUTCT identity has been compromised.  Sending in a Marine Recon unit to extract CWZGUTCT from the asylum before it is too late.  Operation leader will be one HVZJZQUZQTTYMPJMRTTQYM.


The asylum must be contained at all costs.




Cipher Decoded





Screenshot ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files





John Banana

Wed Oct 5 1955


TO:  Bush, V.

FROM:  Oppen, R.

SUBJECT: John Banana


Dr. Bush,


I was browsing the Verruckt archive and found an interesting scrap of paper.  It was found in a small room with nothing inside but blood stains and an empty Browning.  Wasn't there a "John" in the expedition to the asylum? 


Here is what the paper read:


"My name is John.  They call me Banana.

I once worked at a Tex Mex cabana

But now I am here

As walking dead near

With nothing on me but a bandana."


It would seem this "John" fellow felt compelled to write a limerick in his final moments.  Fascinating.




Screenshot ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files





RE: John Banana

Wed Oct 5 1955


TO:  R. Oppen.

FROM:  V. Bush

SUBJECT: RE: John Banana


What a coincidence.  I, too, found one of these strange limericks in the Verruckt archive.  Like this one:


"I once knew a soldier named Smokey

He slapped me on the head and awoke me

Turns out he was dead

I cut off his head

Yet but headless he still tried to choke me."


I fear this poor man "John" may have lost his mind in Verruckt. 




Screenshot ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files





Another One

Mon Oct 24 1955


TO:  R. Oppen.

FROM:  V. Bush

SUBJECT: Another one


My friend,


I found yet another of those limericks from the Verruckt archive. Here it goes:


"Despite the scary, anxious feeling

Killing walking dead is appealing

My first kill felt great

Felt like my first date

Kicking their brains right up to the ceiling."


I feel like the boy who wrote these was trying to tell us something.  I look at the meter, the chosen words, but nothing comes to mind.  Perhaps you will see something.  Maybe it's the letters?


DK-MFK.  Do you think this means anything?  And then there's this one:


"Smokey and I were trapped in a room

We accepted our impending doom

'Til we noticed a monkey

Which seemed kind of funkey

Until we threw it and it went boom."

This John fellow must have been losing his mind.  Monkeys that explode?  Preposterous.  We should discuss this over coffee.




Screenshot ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files


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