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Secret Song


Brian Tuey, Treyarch Audio Director

As many of you may or may not know, Treyarch Studios has been producing some awesome soundtrack work for each DLC release. The music is written, performed and produced in house at Treyarch Studios. Each track was written by Kevin Sherwood (sound designer) and performed by Elena Siegman (producer) and recorded/engineered in house.

The music has been following a specific formula: the song that plays when you ‘die’ on each Zombie map has changed into a preview of the next map’s full (and hidden) song. This keeps the music fresh and interesting for each map, in addition to cluing you all in on what the next song is all about.

Lyrically, the songs are most obviously about seeing the world from the Zombie’s point of view…but there may be other layers that come to light as the storyline develops.




"The One"


The Secret Song in Shi No Numa is called “The One

“The One” is written by Kevin Sherwood & sung by Elena Siegman


To activate this song you must press the action button 4 times on the telephone located in the Comm Room.


Telephone Location ~

  • Comm Room -



"The One" Activation Walkthrough


"The One" – Lyrics




Game Over Song

The “Shi No Numa” game over song is a preview of "Beauty of Annihilation", The Secret Song in the next Map "Der Riese".


Shi No Numa Game Over Song

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