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The Giant is rising.

Face the might of the Nazi Zombies in their heartland.

This is where it all began. This is where the master plan took shape.

Is this where it all ends? 



Call of Duty: World at War DLC Map Pack 3

Der Riese ~ August 6, 2009

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 further expands the awesome COD multiplayer experience with four brand new maps. Fight for ocean territory in "Battery," an armored island surrounded by anti-ship mines and shore to ship cannons. Watch out for sniper fire as you defend Russia's most coveted resource in "Revolution," and keep a sharp eye out through the dense, overcast city streets in "Breach," set at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate. Zombies return in all their undead glory with "Der Riese" (Zombie Factory), a Nazi research facility featuring the weapon upgrading Pack A Punch Machine. Use the teleporters to escape in an instant and fight to the death in pursuit of the map's 10 new Achievements/Trophies. 





World at War Blog Intel


We are digging deeper into the mystery of this zombie plague and we have uncovered shrouded intel detailing a hidden facility in the German country side. Trailing this conspiracy is one rabbit hole we fear to enter, but if we ever hope to eradicate this threat, we must pursue all leads.

Intel is limited, but we have managed to recover blue prints of the structure. The facility is known as Der Riese, which translates to "The Giant" in English. What we can gather so far, leads us to believe the facility was used for the most gruesome and ghastly experiments. I tremble at the thoughts of what horrors await those who enter its bloodied doorways.

Meanwhile, our engineers have been able to discover massive amounts of electricity being consumed within the facility's walls. Rumors suggest that the scientist within were able to create working prototypes of human teleporters. Initially, I would have shrugged this intel off as nonsense, but after transcribing the reports of Shi No Numa, I don't know what to believe. 

For anyone who finds themselves within the walls of this facility, I pray for your safe return. If this is the epicenter of the zombie infestation, may you find the courage to face this evil in its most unholy grounds and find the strength to send its inhabitants back to Hell.




Initial Reports from the Field

Time to gather round, soldiers!

A new battle zone has opened up near Breslau, Germany, and this one is like nothing we've ever seen before. You may think of yourself as the ultimate zombie slayer, but once you enter Der Riese, you're nothing more than an entrée in flight. Take what you know about Shi No Numa and Verrückt and prepare to learn a few more lessons as you emerge yourself into this hellish death trap. The zombies in Der Riese are faster, fiercer, and just waiting for some fresh meat to chew on.

Now that we've scared you half to death, it's time to listen up. We've got some tips for you recruits that we've managed to collect from the soldiers who've somehow managed to make it back home. 

Before discussing the specifics of Der Riese, we at HQ feel that we should first review the basics. 

  • Some of you out there seem to suffer from severe short-term memory or have simply chosen to ignore the sage wisdom of our Shi No Numa report; regardless, we'll repeat: COMMUNICATE! Without communication you can be sure that the ravenous zombies will be dining on your marrow in no time. When you think it's time to move, if you're getting overrun, even when you're reloading during a particularly heavy onslaught; communicate everything to avoid confusing your teammates and losing cohesion.
  • Stick together at all times! You have a much better chance of keeping a zombie off your back if you have a comrade watching it. Don't try and be a hero. When moving to a new area, regardless of which direction you choose to take, find an easily defendable area and have the entire team hole up there until it's safe to move again. Take note that when defending an area, the tighter the formation of the group, the better. More often than not, greedy soldiers that try to attack too far ahead in hopes of gaining more points end up getting swarmed and dying.
  • If you can at least remember these two basic principles, then maybe your squad can survive long enough to see Der Riese truly come to life




Your first objective when starting Der Riese should be to rack up points to venture to the outer wings of the facility. In the beginning rounds, let the zombies come toward your assigned window and allow them to knock out some boards. Pelt them with a few bullets, finish them with the knife, and then repair your window before the next arrives. Repeat. This allows for maximum point allocation before the tide of zombies becomes too frantic.

After going through a few rounds in the starter area comes your first decision. You can either go right (when facing the mainframe) to open a gate leading toward the Animal Testing Lab, or left to open a gate leading toward the Hanger. Keep in mind that either choice requires a second door to be opened to actually get into the Lab or Hanger.

What this decision boils down to for most teams is where they feel comfortable, and whether they'd like to first grab the Thompson or the Trench Gun, the Thompson being in the Hanger and the Trench Gun waiting in the lab.

From either of these locations, your next goal is to reach the street leading toward Teleporter C. Here your team will find several important items. But before discussing them, heed these words. Do not open the door leading toward Teleporter C! Until about round nine or ten, this is a great place to defend and rack up much needed points for the vital upgrading processes that will follow.



On the back of the generator here, you will find the power, which when activated will lower the bridge above you and activate the level's Perks-a-Cola machines. The switch to the right of the archway midway through the street activates an electric barrier, a very handy tool for those times when the horde's numbers become too overwhelming. And lastly, but definitely not least, the Mystery Box. You know what to do.

Back up to the end of the street and start shooting away at the onslaught of zombies, utilizing the same tactic when dogs appear and gambling the Mystery Box when points allow.

Before signing off, we'd like to leave you with this special note of advice. Der Riese is a large map. For the uninitiated, it can seem downright enormous. However, after several matches you will begin to understand its layout, and in no time it will become much more manageable. Recruits, be patient and ask for help if you're unsure of where to go or what to do. Veterans, if you're grouped up with a new player, remember this and help guide them through the steps. Getting upset at the greens only frustrates them, and they'll be less likely to watch your back when you slip up and get mauled.

We're still gathering intel, and reports of strange occurrences in the area are swarming in more and more every day. Keep posted for more details in the future.




Der Riese New Additions

By this point you may start to notice some new items not seen in your previous zombie adventures. The new tools to be found in Der Riese are the Carpenter power-up, Bowie Knife, and Monkey Bomb.



The Carpenter power-up appears as a hammer, and is a great tool in the early rounds that can easily buy your squad some breathing room to recoup and regroup. As soon as a soldier touches the Carpenter power-up, all windows within Der Riese are instantly patched up and the zombie onslaught is temporarily slowed down.






Bowie Knife

The Bowie Knife is an all-new weapon found after opening the door leading to Teleporter C. Running a total of 3,000 points, the Bowie Knife is capable of delivering one-hit kills to zombies up through the early teen rounds and still manages to put a hurt on the higher-level ones. A soldier would do well to pick up one of these bad boys for those times when ammo is running low.






Monkey Bomb

Lastly is the Monkey Bomb. I'm not sure what sick psycho thought of this device, but I'd love to buy him a drink. Found in the Mystery Box, the Monkey Bomb attracts all the zombies in the vicinity with its incessant clapping and hypnotic song. Once the zombies have gotten close, the timer winds down and the Monkey Bomb detonates, bringing all those around him to hell in tiny, manageable bits. This weapon is mapped to your secondary grenades with a total of three held at a time, refilling with Max Ammo power-ups. Keep in mind that it takes several seconds to pull out the bomb and then throw it. 





Der Riese Pt.2 – Advanced Tactics

Listen up!

By this time, the zombies in Der Riese have claimed countless lives, with more and more victims added to the list every day. But if you're here reading this, then we can at least feel assured that the next wave of soldiers might stand a better chance.

Since relaying the basic information to you from our preliminary reports, we've started to receive documents detailing more advanced tactics, containing notes about powerful technology never before witnessed on the battlefield.

First, as always, communication and team cohesion reign as the top priorities within Der Riese. All subsequent advice relies on the strength and consistency of these two factors.

Now, as I hope and assume, your teams are comfortable to the point of at least turning on the power, as mentioned in our Initial Reports of the situation. At this point, you have yet other immediate needs to address.

Located throughout the stage are three teleporters, each capable of linking back to the starting mainframe and spread throughout the area as seen on your map. It is absolutely essential that these teleporters be linked up before the hordes begin to overwhelm your team.

Additionally, the four familiar Perks-a-Cola machines are also spread throughout the level, granting absolutely vital passive boosts to team members as the rounds move further. With the high attack power and high speed of some of the zombies out there, the necessity of Juggernog and Speed Cola in particular becomes top priority in order to keep you on your feet and dishing out damage with as little downtime as possible.

This is where our next tip will save countless lives. As Der Riese is such a large map, it's impossible for a teammate to think they can 'really quickly' go grab a perk or activate a teleporter. As a team, you must work together to unlock the doors that lead to the three teleporters and then link them back to the mainframe. This is your main objective; without doing so, you won't be able to survive the later rounds. To succeed, you must first activate a teleporter (1500 points) and then get back to and activate the mainframe within thirty seconds. Any member of the team, not strictly the same person that initiated the link up, can activate the mainframe. Perks-a-Cola machines, well, you should know how they work by now.

Ideally, you should have all three teleporters linked up by at least round X, hopefully with Juggernog and a decent weapon from the walls or Mystery Box, as well. Yet how this should be accomplished is the single greatest dilemma that destroys most teams.




You may wonder how this can be practical advice when the duration between rounds is so short. The most efficient way of getting perks, along with the opening of doors and linking of teleporters with ease, is to wait for the wave of zombies in a round to slow down toward the end. When only a few remain, you can either toss a grenade to make a slow crawler or keep one trapped behind a window, keeping an eye out to avoid getting hit while repairing the boards and forcing him from intruding. While one soldier baby-sits the lone undead, others can race out and grab what they need without fear of attack.

This is not a cheating tactic. In fact, it's nearly essential to perfect if you expect to consistently reach the later rounds. As mentioned before, many, many soldiers have died in their race to quickly pick up a perk or activate a teleporter, to the disadvantage of the downed team member and the entire squad. Gambling from the Mystery Box, getting perks, linking teleporters and opening the doorways between them all is an expensive endeavor, so accomplishing all will need to be spread throughout several rounds, and the tactic of leaving a lone straggler is far and away the safest way to ensure that team members can get what they need without the fear of getting killed.

Once teleporters A and B are linked, it's time to finally open the door leading to C and activate the final link up. And that's when things start to get fun. Once all three teleporters are linked, the door of the mainframe drops and the Pack A Punch machine is available for use.







Upgrade any weapon for 5,000 points. Insert a weapon, wait a brief moment, then retrieve the upgraded version. Every weapon is affected differently, from gaining a higher maximum amount of rounds, faster reload speeds, more damage, explosive ammunition…basically turning into an incredibly powerful version of its former self. Experiment and have fun.

Some soldiers who have made it to the later stages with Pack A Punch weapons have shared some valuable tips on how to stand your ground with them. We've heard that backing up into the teleporter rooms is a good way to fend off the oncoming waves. Specifically, the warehouse holding Teleporter C can be used as a barricade against the zombies. Have some MGs cover the ground floor from the stairs while others man the upper window and take care of the stragglers. Learn to work together and you might be able to form an impenetrable barrier.

Just remember, whenever someone on your teams needs to get an upgrade, whether that's running to the Mystery Box (look for the blue light in the sky!), getting a perk, or upgrading their weapon, wait for the end of the round to do so!

Stick together, don't get too anxious, adhere to these instructions, and you will thrive!

Happy hunting, soldiers.





Pack-A-Punch Full Weapons List

There were just too many of them. A Hell Hound took out a huge chunk of my thigh and I’m losing blood fast. There’s not too much time left, so I’ll pass on what I know. The Pack A Punch machine. Apparently you can put in practically any weapon into this thing and out comes a super powerful version of your weapon. This is great news for us – I just hope you last long enough to use it.


Pass this info on to HQ. It’s the full list of weapon upgrades. And good luck against the undead – I got a bad feeling you’ll need it…


30 Cal => B115 accelerator
BAR => The Widow Maker
Colt 45 => C-3000 b1at-ch35
Shotgun Double Barreled => 24 Bore long range
Shotgun Double Barreled Sawed Grip => The Snuff Box
FG42 => 420 Impeller
Gewehr43 => G115 Compressor
M1A1 Carbine => Widdershins RC-1
M1Garand => M1000
MG42 => Barracuda FU-A11
MP40 => The Afterburner
.357 Magnum => .357 Plus 1 K1L-u
PPSh-41 => The Reaper
Shotgun => Gut Shot
STG-44 => Spatz-447 +
Thompson => Gibs-o-matic
Type 100 => 1001 Samurais
Type 99 => The Eviscerator
Panzerschrek => Longinus
PTRS-41 => The Penetrator
M7 Launcher => The Imploder
Kar98k => Armageddon
Ray Gun => Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
Wunderwaffe DG-2 => Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ
M2 Flamethrower => FIW Nitrogen cooled



Mysterious Radio Transmissions 

Confidential Information / Security Level 5

Consider yourself lucky troops, because we're about to let you in on a little secret. Soldiers from the darkest reaches of our offensive are finding themselves facing the army of the damned, but that's not all they're discovering. Underneath this evil, we're guessing there is a Nazi spider web that connects all of these outbreaks and that out there, there are clues that can expose its gossamer threads. We are gathering reports of strange sightings and happenings, besides the undead rising from their graves that is, which seem to be creating trends within the field. What we're presenting to you today is one of these trends. Ever since the second outbreak at Nacht der Untoten, troops have been noticing strange radio transmissions and broadcasts taking place in the dead of the night. Back at HQ, we are hoping these rumors can help you soldiers come closer to unraveling the truth.

Some of our men who've braved through the woods of Nacht der Untoten have dug up intel, which we found earlier to be irrelevant, but under recent circumstances, we now deem it vital to our growing case file. Our contacts say that there is a hidden radio, that for all rational reasons should not operate, but does. Those who've managed to activate the radio say that it plays an endless cycle of haunting songs and some of our Soviet allies have reported hearing their homeland's victory song through its cursed speakers.




Of course, these phantom transmissions do not end in Nacht der Untoten. Shi No Numa holds it own fair share of mysteries. Within the walls of Shi No Numa, some have reported hearing not music, but radio calls from a rogue signal. We haven’t been able to get an accurate report on what is said within this radio call, but we are sure it is connected to this conspiracy.

We can't be sure, but we are thinking that hidden transmissions can be found in the recently discovered Der Riese as well. That’s why we’re sharing this information with you troops. We need you to head out into the field and discover what we can't. You'll need to be smart and you'll need teamwork to survive, but if you can get past the hordes of the flesh-eating undead, you may find the truth behind the horror. Within the supplies section of the Call of Duty HQ, you'll find the only known transmissions we have.


End of transmission.



I included this because the PPSH-41 is a beast…

Weapons Focus – PPSH-41

The PPSh-41 was one of the most mass produced weapons of its type in World War II. It operated with simple blowback action, used a box or drum magazine, and fired a 7.62x25mm pistol round. Made with metal stampings to ease production, its chrome-lined chamber and bore helped make the gun very low-maintenance in combat settings. The development of the PPSh-41 came partly from the Winter War against Finland, where it was discovered that submachine guns were a highly effective tool for close-quarters fighting in forests or built-up urban areas. The weapon was developed in mid-1941 and was produced in a network of factories in Moscow.

A few hundred weapons were produced in November 1941 and by spring 1942, the PPSh factories were producing roughly 3,000 units a day. The PPSh-41 was a classic example of a design adapted for mass production. Its parts, (excluding the barrel) could be produced by a relatively unskilled workforce with simple equipment available in an auto-repair garage or tin shop thus freeing up more skilled workers for other tasks. 

In the field, the PPSh-41 was a durable, low-maintenance weapon that could fire 900 rounds per minute. The weapon had a crude compensator to lessen muzzle climb, and a hinged receiver that facilitated field-stripping and cleaning the bore in battle conditions. By the end of the war, over 6 million of these weapons had been produced. The Soviets would often equip whole regiments and entire divisions with the weapon, giving them unmatched short-range firepower.


Tips for the PPSh-41

This is a great weapon for close quarters combat. Utilize its low recoil and shoot from the hip to neutralize enemies within a short range. Excellent for urban warfare and tight spaces, the PPSh-41 is an ideal weapon for Corrosion and Sub Pens.

Utilizing a Round Drum, soldiers can hold tightly onto the trigger without the worry of running empty. For increased accuracy and ammo conservation, use the iron sight and fire short, controlled bursts.

During Zombie matches, the PPSh-41 has a great advantage over the handgun or rifle. With high stopping power and a high rate of fire, the PPSh-41 is deadly toward any undead. Just remember to shoot 'em in the head.

Now that you know how the Soviets handled this gun, it's time to see how you'll fair with it. Whether you are just picking it up for the first time or sharpening your already honed skills.




Josh Olin – DLC 3 Interview

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