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Side Quest Easter Egg – Tower of Babble ~ Obey Richtofen

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Side Quest

Tower of Bable ~ Obey Richtofen

Only Samuel J. Stuhlinger can hear Richtofen

Step 1 & 2 can be completed in reversed order


Step # 1 – Build the Power Switch

The Power Switch consists of 3 parts.

The Power Switch parts are all located inside Power Station.

The workbench where you assemble the parts is located inside the “Outhouse”.


Parts ~

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_panel_zpsb56  1. Panel

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_lever_zpsbd2  2. Lever

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_arm_zpsa9051  3. Arm

<-------------------Workbench Screenshot-------------------->




Step # 2 – Build the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23

(Jet Gun)

The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 consists of 3 parts.

You assemble the parts on the workbench inside the Bar at the Town.


Part Locations ~

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_jg_body_zps7  1. Engine

  • Tunnel


zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_jg_handle_zp  2. Handle

  • Cornfield (Nacht Der Untoten Building)


zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_jg_wires_zps  3. Wires

  • Power Station


zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_jg_gauges_zp 4. Gauges

  • Cabin

[soundcloud]<---------Richtofen Audio Quote------------>[/soundcloud]




Step # 3 – Heat up the Obelisk

<------------------- -------------------->

[soundcloud] <---------Richtofen Audio Quote------------>[/soundcloud]




Step # 4 – Kill Zombies under Tower

<------------------- -------------------->

[soundcloud]<---------Richtofen Audio Quote------------>[/soundcloud]




Step # 5 – EMP 4 "Denizen Lit" Street Lights

<------------------- -------------------->

[soundcloud] <---------Richtofen Audio Quote------------> [/soundcloud]

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