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call of the dead

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The members of Group 935 were known as the world's top scientists, and for good reason. They were brilliant minds, eager to push the boundaries of what was possible and uncover new breakthroughs.

Their latest project was a daring experiment with Element 115. It had only just been discovered, and they believed it had the potential to unlock incredible new technologies.

When they began to meddle with Element 115, however, they had no idea they were causing ripples throughout the multiverse. One of the dimensions affected by this experimentation was Dimension 63, and it was a world where the people looked just like those from Group 935's world, but their history and future were slightly different.

In this alternate dimension, the scientists had made a powerful breakthrough using Element 115. It allowed them to manipulate time and space, creating portals that could connect far-off parts of the universe.


The ripple effect from Group 935’s experiment had caused an even bigger breakthrough in Dimension 63. The portals were too unstable and chaotic, and it seemed they didn’t know how to contain the power of Element 115.

The members of Group 935 were horrified when they discovered the chaos their experiment had unleashed in Dimension 63. Fearing the consequences, they vowed to never interact with Element 115 ever again, and headed off to find a more stable way of unlocking its power.

But their meddling had set something in motion that nobody could stop. What would happen when the portals in Dimension 63 got too powerful? Would it start to leak into other dimensions and cause even more chaos across the multiverse? All anyone could do was wait and see.

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