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The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet cosmodrome

and all Hell has broken loose.

The countdown to the zombie apocalypse has begun.








Call of Duty: Black Ops – DLC 1

Ascension – February 1, 2011






The Dead Rise Again


The location – an abandoned Cold War era Russian cosmodrome.


Their target – the foursome of Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Richtofen.


Lowered into the facility, the four soldiers can hardly catch their breath before a voice calls to them: "Help me, she's coming. The mechanism must be repaired."


You start out in a two-story  G-Force Testing Facility. A nearby giant centrifuge periodically spins; the zombies must have interrupted a cosmonaut testing his High-G tolerance. First order of the day - get the blasted power back on.


A large map that runs within and around the launch facility, Ascension is built with plenty of entries for the site's undead cosmonauts and scientists. Expect attack from all sides and every angle. Luckily, with a new map, come new toys. You're going to need these if you want to survive:


  • Stamin-Up – Drink this for an added spring to your step, letting you sprint for longer periods of time – and do so with heavier weapons, too. Perfect for outpacing angry zombies on your trail.
  • Sickle – Damn zombies laughing off your knife lunges? Pick up the Sickle to cut the laughter short.
  • Matryoshka Dolls – Consider yourself lucky when these pop out of the Mystery Box. And no, it's not a toy. Toss one out for a mean explosion that spits out more dolls…and thus more explosions.



These are just some of the new tools at your disposal. Just pray the launch sequence completes before those damn monkeys start blasting down from the sky. Watch your step when they do…and watch your perks.

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