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Group 601 has been well heard of by now. But through resources I was provided, I feel like I can piece the puzzle together. The current theory is that group 601 supports Richthofen, and that they create weapons and conduct experiments for him. I believe this is wrong. Group 935 was created by Dr. Maxis, and Richthofen joined in hopes of providing information to the Illuminati. When Dr. Maxis first saw Richthofen’s behavior change, he created a second group. This group is the very mysterious and strange Group 601. While Maxis was on his own agenda, he instructed this group to create devices that he could communicate through, had he met his end before they could achieve their goal. These devices are the towers in the group 601 photo with the nuke going off in the background. When Richthofen betrayed him and teleported him away, he then learned how to merge himself with technology from group 601’s studies. This led him to find Samantha on Moon and tell her to kill everyone there. He believe that group 935 was completely under Richtofens control. So when he offed himself, he knew he could still communicate with group 601. Fast forward to BO 2 with the Victis crew. Throughout every map, Maxis communicates with them through what? Towers. The same towers that were shown in the group 601 photo mentioned previously. The nuke going off represents Nuketown, because this is technically where the Victis storyline begins. This is why the BO 2 Victis storyline is the most important out of the entire franchise. The 601 slogan, “Strength through Order”, is shown when Dr. Maxis is trying to “help” the Victis crew stay alive. In the chaotic events happening to them, his steps, or directions, are providing them order. With this order, they are able to complete tasks and stay alive, albeit overcoming the zombies. This is until the map Buried. They complete the final step for Maxis, leading him to defeat Richthofen in the Aether. He sends Richthofen back into the physical realm where he inherits the already decaying bodies of the undead. In conclusion, Group 601 is responsible for Maxis’ knowledge and ability to communicate through electricity, ultimately leading to him providing hope and order to a group of unsuspecting survivors, and taking control of the aether from Richthofen. This is just a theory, but with some highly confidential tips and fills in plots holes. 

Hope you guys found this interesting and shedding some light on the subject

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