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Anyone tryna Speed run outbreak and see how far ae can go still we die only 2 player please mic or no mic doesn’t matter as long as we speed run and your not a noob

Curtis Cyr

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coldsmoke#2596318 activision....

Been looking for players to speed run with and high round..ran a trio yesterday and exfil at 50 around 5hrs...def not a noob by any means..

My global outbreak leaderboard ranks across all platforms and players  are #64 in career... #825 in highest region....and #94 in eliminations.

Just reaching out to find players with my similar ability in outbreak..not a round based zombie player. Strictly outbreak. 

Just getting tired of match made lobbies with people wanting to exfil at 3,5 or even 9 bc anything 10+ is too hard for them..

Plain and simply said to describe my style


I'm a sweaty hard playing zombie killin  player that WANTS to grind 20+ regions on outbreak every time. I'm not here to waste my time and exfil on round 3 after 4 hours of salvage hunting...I want to see 100 or at least every time I play, best myself 1 each time...



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