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Looking for PS4 players


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Hi everyone, It has easily probably been at least 5 years since I picked up a controller and I'm trying to get back on PS4. But as you can imagine, I've "lost my touch", being that I haven't played in a bit. And for the rare occasions I did, it was games like FIFA, 2k, ...


I tried running a game on CODZ (Black OPS 4) that I actually found interesting story wise (later came to find out people have mixed feelings about the game, but I'd like to find out for myself).


That's why, I'd very much like it if someone was down to play with me, kind of be my guide (what doors to open, what weapons to use...). As I said before, I'm not as good as I used to be, so bear with me as I get back on my A-game 🙂 .


I speak French and English, some Spanish and Italian but might not be able to speak those two languages while also playing so if you speak English or French, and are down to play on PS4, let me know so I can add you and we can run some games. The more the merrier.


See y'all 👋🏿

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