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Add Double Tap with the ability to use automatic on semi auto guns & burst including ray guns and shotguns.

Andy Haworth

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I'm a slightly older gamer who prefers semi auto weapons however there is no ability to make these weapons automatic to save injury to your hands; it will save my ageing hands repetitive strain as well as being brilliant fun!


Please seriously consider this as the spas12 shotgun is widely used but gets painful after 20 or so rounds. An automatic perk (possibly as a pro version of double tap for semi auto's) will help this situation out.


Thank you for reading the suggestion!



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1 hour ago, Andy Haworth said:

I've discovered if you Pack-A-Punch a Spas12 it makes it automatic and yes make burst guns automatic-burst too with a perk. I like the idea of this ability being part of a perk.

So it's already possible in-game, eh? Maybe it may be possible later in an update? Though wouldn't making the Spas12 instantly automatic be a bit OP?

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