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Buddhism & The Flesh

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Buddhism & The Flesh

By RequixEclipse



"Science has failed us. HE, has abandoned us. In this new world we alone are your salvation, we alone can light way. Here our words. Head our call. There is but one way to enlightenment. Just as they would consume us we must consume them. We are the living and we are the dead...We are The Flesh! We will not starve. We will thrive.”



This whole flesh thing is just getting to me and I know its getting to some CoDz members. Here is what I brought together I hope it helps!


What is the Flesh? Who is the Flesh?


-The soft tissue of the body of a vertebrate, covering the bones which consists of skeletal muscle and fat.


¬ The surface or skin of the human body.

- The meat of animals as distinguished from the edible tissue of fish or fowl.

- Botany- The pulpy, usually edible part of a fruit or vegetable.

- Excess fatty tissue; plumpness.

-The body as opposed to the mind or soul.

-The physical or carnal nature of humankind.

Sensual appetites.

- Humankind in general; humanity.






The Flesh has claimed to know the path to enlightenment. Which leads to Buddhist ideology and the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism has 2 different group beliefs making it hard to call a religion because it depends on which group you are talking about.


Theravada Buddhism (Southern)


Was formed after Buddha died, by one of his followers after gathering 500 senior monks. Nirvana is their prime target.



-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism- The attainment of enlightenment and freeing of the spiritual self from attachment to worldly things, ending the cycle of birth and rebirth.


These monks strived to achieve that goal.


Meditation and insight (Vipashyana-dhura). This involves "... insight meditation, the practice of tranquility and the quieting of the mind."

Study (Gantha-dhura). This involves "... the study of the Buddhist canon, the scriptures, and the path to knowledge and wisdom."


Mahayana Buddhism (Northern)



Was the movement to bring Buddhism to common people. Monks from Theravada Buddhism realized there was little room for humanity to join in, so a new schism erupted within the ranks of Buddhism in the first century AD.


It would attempt to take the teachings of Buddha to better satisfy a greater number of people. Since this was to satisfy more people it was named, the Greater Vehicle (the Greater Ox-Cart) or Mahayana.


Mahayana Buddhist refer to Theravada as Hinayana, or 'The Lesser Vehicle.'


Theravada embrace Bodhisattva (“one who achieves perfect attainment.”) To them teaching is just a tool for individuals on the path to Nirvana

Bodhisattva was a mandate not for perfection, but to save all sentient beings from suffering. The Mahayana take a vow NOT to enter Nirvana, even though they too strive to reach the same enlightenment.


Bodhisattva when translated is literally 'one whose essence is perfect wisdom' or 'one destined for enlightenment.' The Crucial characteristics of the Bodhisattva in both sects are compassion, selflessness, wisdom, and servitude. The Bodhisattva takes a vow:


I must lead all beings to liberation, I will stay here until the end, even for the sake of one living mortal'.”









Reincarnation is the process in which after death a human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions spiritual entity is reborn into a new life.


Incarnation is fully defined as: Embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. A sentient creature like a new born baby who is materially manifested of an entity, God or force whose has a divine immaterial nature.


The Flesh are those who have always reincarnated. the Theravada. the Enlightened ones. there is always a new “skin sack” waiting for a soul to be born again. For they are the living and the dead. They will not starve but THRIVE because in the Human Realm we cant help but starve.


While Buddha was on his deathbed he said to his followers:


“Use the Dharma as a guide not as the teacher. It does not lye in the views of a teacher, however helpful of fine an exemplar he or she is, but in the heart where the meaning of selfhood resides. The path to such understanding is essentially a lone quest, just as it was for me. Guidance lies in the teachings not in a teacher.”



The Four Noble Truths, Principles of Impermanence, Emptiness and the Law of Interdependent Causation lye at the heart of the matter. They require experiential realization not intellectual assent. [Vehicles] for the transmission of the Dharma are essential, realization an individual matter in which clinging to identity and all forms of representation are abandoned.



1. performing of duties of Hinduism: in Hinduism, somebody's duty to behave according to strict religious and social codes, or the righteousness earned by performing religious and social duties

2. Eternal truth in Buddhism: in Buddhism, the truth about the way things are and will always be in the universe or in nature, especially when contained in scripture.


What is Dharma?


It deals with one basic goal - how to escape Samsara. Samsara is the cycle of rebirths that is known more commonly as reincarnation. Freedom from Samsara leads to Nirvana, which is thought of as a complete deliverance. The Eastern version of Heaven.




Cycles of Samsara



*NEW* Tha Budda


I included this video due to the interesting correlations that can be made sith the Æther storyline


http://www.eaec.org/cults/buddha.htmhttp://cultbustersgalactica.yuku.com/forums/137/BUDDHIST-CULTS-OVERVIEW#.UUsIvH7n_IU [brains]Ancient World History Notes from Dr. Hensley.


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